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For anybody still looking, Far Fetch have put Canada Goose back on Sale with an additional 20% off with this code x201dec14   Very few sizes left tho.
Their Sale Preview had a bunch of Canada Goose coats on sale yesterday morning around 9am. I was able to pick up two Chateau's for $500 a piece.   Looks like on the normal sale today, no Canada Goose coats are on sale...possible it was a mistake and i got lucky, hopefully they don't figure it out before shipping.
Can anybody recommend a good deal on Red Wing, Rag and Bone, Wolverine or Wing + Horn boots?
Cheers for the replies, went HAM (aka insane) on FarFetch and bought 2 for under $500 each
I have a question on size too.   I'm 6ft2 190lbs with a 40' chest, is Medium a good fit?
Whats the cheapest you've guys seen CG go for pre-winter?
 Story of my life lol Maybe the lower camera angle exaggerates my legs a bit too I don't think i'd be able to find a leather jacket that is longer and fits my shoulders. Any thoughts on the fit or style of the jackets?
Bought two leathers jackets and got them delivered to work and i'll probably return one.   Pls excuse the handicapped bathroom pics lol, I'm too lazy to bring both jackets home when i can mail the return from the office.     So thoughts on the jackets....which would you keep? the one on the left (Andrew Marc) or the one on the right (Michael Kors) or neither?          
I'm disappointed, there doesn't appear to be any $200 Allen Edmonds this year.   Unless i'm missing something...
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