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 Very Interesting, thanks for that. A little scary to buy MTM over the web but found the main thread for them:
I'm struggling to find leather jackets around the $800 mark that are 26/27 inches in length.   Too often i have tried on jackets that are only 25 inches long and barely reach my hips, making my legs look extremely long (well longer than they actually are).   I know Schott have jackets that are 26/27 inches but I just wondering if there are others out there worth checking out?
Bought a dress and top for my wife last week from the UK Ted Baker store that came out to a combined $280, it got caught in customs as I forgot about the $200 limit and customs wanted $ cancelled the order and started two new orders buying the dress and top separately so they would get past customs. Its nice that i won't have to do that workaround again now that the limit is $800   Whats interesting is that the same top and dress from the US Ted Baker store is...
Appreciate the replies.   Waist and seat are actually fine, there is a bit of room to give. When i sized up to 36 the waist was huge.   I think my problem is i have a small ass in comparison to my thighs (weirdest sentence i think i have ever written).   I tried on more regular fit jeans, the thighs are fine but the ass is always super baggy or sags.   So i'll continue the search...
I was trying on the Acne Studios Max jeans 34/34 today. They fit pretty well around the waist and seat but the thighs are a ever so slightly tight.   If the thighs stretch a bit with wear I'm good or if i end up washing them at some stage am I screwed? What are people's thoughts on the fit?     Sorry about the picture quality and the sexy midriff    
For anybody still looking, Far Fetch have put Canada Goose back on Sale with an additional 20% off with this code x201dec14   Very few sizes left tho.
Their Sale Preview had a bunch of Canada Goose coats on sale yesterday morning around 9am. I was able to pick up two Chateau's for $500 a piece.   Looks like on the normal sale today, no Canada Goose coats are on sale...possible it was a mistake and i got lucky, hopefully they don't figure it out before shipping.
Can anybody recommend a good deal on Red Wing, Rag and Bone, Wolverine or Wing + Horn boots?
Cheers for the replies, went HAM (aka insane) on FarFetch and bought 2 for under $500 each
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