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  I would say 50/50. Sometimes I tie them just for the photo. Other times to keep the shape. If I don't tie them then I'll pull the laces tight and tuck them into the shoe before I put the trees in for the same purpose of keeping the shape.
  Yeah, the 4 eyelet thing is what was hanging me up in finding the right model. They're in need of a good polishing, but I wear them constantly. They were very lightly used when I bought them on eBay.
Just received my Amoks. Ordered TTS and they fit me perfectly.   Here's a shot of all I got, sorry for the crappy iPhotography: L to R: Park Avenue, Lloyd, Pembrooke, (someone can help me out w/ the third pair, eBay'd them and no visible model name), and lastly the Amok.  
  +1 Love those pants.
Repost from the thrift thread, but thought it appropriate for this one as well:   Set of 3 NOS vintage embroidered Irish linen pocket squares. Actually found 2 boxes like this. I've opened one and started using them. Left this one unopened.         [[SPOILER]]
  Thanks man. I've been busy myself. Trying to offload the backlog of thrift stuff so I have more cash to go thrifting more regularly again. Putting 15 tweeds on the eBay this week.
Haha, it felt harsh for some reason. I fear I can dress just as boring as well. Lol
This isn't bad to me.
Not sure why they wouldn't get much love around here. I wear them quite often. Very versatile.
  I just ordered them from the website. Ended up paying a total of $115. Killer deal. I believe Amok is on the 4-234 last, which should run fairly TTS, but maybe slightly fuller in the toe.
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