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  I see what you're saying a little bit. With a sweater lik this I would probably only button 3 buttons or so. This usually helps me cut down the dorky factor w/ cardigans. When I button most of the buttons on a cardigan it starts to feel very "dad". (which I'm also fine with because I am a dad and very proud to look like one haha)
The haul from this weekend:   [[SPOILER]]
Found these NWOT Footjoy loafers today. Headed to eBay. Should be a decent flip.        
  Woah! Beautiful! Available? Size?
  Mine have the old heel. The squeaking doesn't so much seem related to the outsole/heel as much as it does the insole at the heel. And, after reading a few posts here, I have noticed that one corner on each heel has separated slightly from the sole. I'm gonna call AE tomorrow and get this sorted out. I'll post my results.
  Yes! I picked up the January "Box of Awesome" with all the Saphir stuff and I'm still just freaking out about how much better it is than anything else I've used. Your Long Branch's look great!
Update on my new Amoks:   Received them and they look and feel great.   BUT...   After a few days of wear, the dreaded "squeak" has begun. I'll have to exchange them and see if the next pair does the same thing. Other than that issue, they are a great pair of chukkas.
Picked up this vintage BB Golden Fleece glenplaid suit today. Didn't notice the small hole before I bought it  (pictured). 46L       [[SPOILER]]
  I would definitely rock 5th Aves with a suit. Maybe chinos depending on the color and dressy-ness. Probably jeans as well depending on the overall outfit. My $.02
  Whether they are a joke band or not, his "middle eight" monologue in this song is hilarious.
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