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  Jacket: J Crew linen Shirt: BB Tie: RLPL Pocket Square: no name made in Italy
Some cool stuff recently. All N/A at the moment.   Ties: Pendleton, no label silk knit, NWT PRL, RLPL, RLPL     NWOT Filson boots: [[SPOILER]]
Grenson (actually found and given to me by user joshmickelson):   AE Sanford   Recent RLBL NWOT:     Zegna chinos:   Brioni Cords:   All but the Brioni fits like a glove so I finally get to keep some nice stuff!
  Yes, made in USA. Not sure either has been played much at all. Both are near pristine.
Not a clothes post but just had to brag. $200 for the whole rig.   '78 Fender Musicmaster and '78 Vibro Champ  
  Love this! The button stance may be just a tad high for my personal preference but love the look and fit overall.
  I know. Couldn't pass it up though. But that's why it'll be going to eBay. :)
Today.   My first every Chester Barrie find. Saw the jacket w/o pants, went searching and found them. Flat front.      [[SPOILER]]   Lightly worm vintagey Mason Executive Imperial longwings.   [[SPOILER]]   Faconnable Easter tie.   [[SPOILER]]   Canali Proposta wool trousers.     [[SPOILER]]
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