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    +1 I like this for some summer bbq time, but yes, brown shoes would suit the look better. I generally don't prefer Venetians either. I veer more toward the bit, penny or tie loafer. (driving loafer, that is) But to each their own!
Dressing room at Nordstrom Rack. It's surprising how difficult it is to find linen pants that don't look like draw-string pajama pants.   Shirt: Banana Republic linen Pants: Lands End 608 Elston Chino Shoes: AE Sanford
My wife sent this over to me. It's geared a little more toward women's style but kinda interesting nonetheless. Surprised there's a class at Notre Dame devoted to dressing better.
  Well said.
Thrift fit!   Picked these up last August and haven't worn them or done much at all with them. They were fairly beat so I cleaned them up and gave them the Renovateur treatment and just brushed the hell out of them. Pretty happy with the results!   Nunn Bush - Ankle Fashioned Custom Grade shell cordovan ca. 1955(ish)    
Spotted this guy in a local GW. Is that a silk Dragonball Z shirt?  
What can I say, I'm a dorky dad and it's hot outside. haha         Nothing too fancy or $$ Shirt: Countess Mara (thrifted) Pants: Bullhead Dillon chinos (clearance) Shoes: AE Sanford (thrifted) Watch: Timex Weekender w/ vintage ss Casio band (Wal-Mart / Grandpa Chuck) Glasses: Oliver Peoples Dashing Good Looks: also Grandpa Chuck
  Exactly! I think the only thing keeping me from that is the amount of time it would take to do the whole sofa haha
I'm no expert at all but I've been enjoying the attempt at getting a high shine on the toe box recently. I'm using the Saphir stuff from January's Box of Awesome. Process is as follows:   1. Clean w/ very lightly damp rag, allow to dry then brush 2. Renovateur, allow to dry then buff w/ horsehair brush 3. Creme Surfine, allow to dry then buff 4. Pate de Luxe, allow to dry then buff 5. Then I go to work on the toe box. I usually put a couple more coats of wax on then a...
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