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That makes sense.
  Nice! I'm not too proud to pick up high-end orphans. I've sold a bunch of Canali and Oxxford orphans.
Boom. That's really great, Crat. I felt the same way. Might be his posture but I'm not entirely sure.
Cross-post from the thrift thread.   Nunn Bush - Ankle Fashioned, Custom Grade shell cordovan ca. mid 1950's. They definitely needed some work. Rubbed Renovateur in until it was fully absorbed then brushed like hell.
Awesome Oxxford tuxedo (?) jacket. One button. Notch lapel. Interesting Weave. Fits me.   (dark spot in bottom left of 2nd photo is from my iphone camera, not on the jacket)  
  That's the Sanford. The Strand is an oxford. You should re-check the listing and see if the pictures match. If you were wanting the Strand then you received the wrong shoe. That said, I have a pair of Sanfords in walnut and love them. Great shoe!
They actually fit great. Slimmer than I expected. These are a 32 waist and I usually wear a 30. Stitching seems really nice. Lots of single stitch, nice lining for pockets etc. Excited to really put them through their paces.
Prolly #4 for me. Anything but the 3rd (white) one.
Found some cool vintage Bally almost-wholecut oxfords.     And some NWT Private Stock Denim raw selvedge. Don't know anything about this brand except that they're based in Hong Kong and use Japanese denim. Some interesting / out-there details like the company name on the selvedge, pleated back pockets with the red lining inside the pocket etc. Anyway. [[SPOILER]]
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