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Vintage no-name tweed. Fully canvased, 3/2 and awesome. Keeping.   [[SPOILER]]     BB Golden Fleece, made in Italy houndstooth suit. Tagged at a 41.
  This is great! Nice Joshua
Good point. And the mission of Goodwill isn't so that homeless or needy folks can buy goods for cheap, it's merely a side-effect. They're a non-profit looking to bring in money to fund their community programs and job-placement for the disabled and less fortunate.   All that said, I definitely get pissed when the prices start skyrocketing at my local thrift shops. haha
  I tend to do the "master" roll. You can make it as nonchalant looking as you want, like (for eg.) letting the corner of the cuff stick out a bit further rather than having it perfectly aligned with the rolled-up portion. And I prefer it because the basic roll tends to get too tight around my arms.
  That's the title of my tumblr page.
  That seems like an odd observation to me as I've never put a belt on going toward the right. Mens shirts and pants always have the placket going that way as well.
    Hah! Dammit! Well, I tried.
How about this?  
Wow, I leave for a week and miss so much hah!   I don't have any "ink" myself, but I think Joshua's makes him look like a badass. I love the contrast of (what that rude fellow referred to as) "dad clothes" with the tattoos. I think it adds a good amount of interest to the simple look that Joshua favors.   Moving on...   Agree with what's been said on the lapel and shirt front. Just too thin, and the notch is so small it's almost a shawl collar. Weird to not see buttons...
I do the same, although I definitely do a full polish more than once per year.
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