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  What do you mean? Does tumblr have a lot of boat shoes w/o socks? I'm not on it. haha
Found some sweet white Le Coq Sportif shoes a couple days ago. Spent an hour yesterday cleaning up the suede trim on the front. Stepped in dogshit that my neighbor left in my front yard and didn't clean up. Didn't realize until an hour later. Now it's all over both shoes. Don't have the will to clean them up again. May just throw out or re-donate to GW. fml
  Yeah, I like the boat shoes as well, however, IMHO they always look awkward w/ socks.
  Good info. I'm not as much concerned with the label itself. I know very little about Botany, except for the junk that's often found while thrifting, as Coal_Mining_Polak mentioned. My delight is more for the fact that it fits great, has a great pattern and good construction. Will compliment my Fall/Winter wardrobe very nicely!
  Amazing. Bravo.
  Did you get her number as well? If so, don't wait for her to call. Give it a reasonable amount of time and ring her up.
Cross-post from thrift thread: I don't usually find too many really great size 38's so this was exciting for me. Botany tweed, fully canvased, 3/2 roll, half-lined, windowpane, minimal shoulder padding, glove-like fit sexiness:   [[SPOILER]]
Today's finds:   Huge Pierre Balmain scarf:     Owl print J Press tie: [[SPOILER]]     Hickey Freeman w/ Loro Piana sport coat: [[SPOILER]]   And (not clothing related but) a brand new KREG Jig mini set for $5! (I'm a woodworker nerd) [[SPOILER]]
    Here's some more of that sport coat (couple days later). I'll also xpost in the vintage thread:   [[SPOILER]]
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