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Played at a wedding last night. Colorado has been cooling off lately and it's so nice! Sorry for the bad iPhone photos.         Details- Jacket: RL Black Label (NWT thrifted) Pants: Navy Dockers D1 (thrifted) Shirt: Hugo Boss (I know, not great hah) Tie: Vintage BB (thrifted) Pocketsquare: Vintage no-name made in Italy (thrifted) Shoes: Mercanti Fiorentini (DSW clearance) Glasses: Oliver Peoples
Not really a thrift find or all that exciting, for that matter, but anyhow:   The wife dragged me through H&M last night after dinner downtown and as I was browsing through the mens section I found some pocket squares. Most of them were faux-silk polyester junk, but then I spotted this one. 100% linen, made in Italy. Kinda cool for $10 or so.  
    Lookin good Stich and Josh!
  I think we had at least a two-pager convo in the recent past about the belt thing as well. Though, the belt thing doesn't seem as much like "convention vs. defying convention" as it does just something that a know-nothing sales associate made up to give the impression that he knows something about mens style. All that to say, there is no rule and never really has been.
  Agreed, other than his very girl-like legs/ankles, it's fairly solid. (unless the hyper-sartorial, dressed by the internet, iGent is creepy now)
I was all, "Woah" and it was all, "Buy me"   Very recent Sartoria Castangia navy blazer. Pick stitching e'rywhere. dual vent. 42. available Looks more black in the pictures [[SPOILER]]     Old Brooks Bros paisley. keeping
  I would definitely be interested in some if you decide to kop.
Borrelli:     Pendleton: Size L available
  Definitely one of my favorite AE styles. Never found any in my size . Those are awesome!
    Looks great. And you know I love the blue and orange. Go Broncos!
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