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Have had to slow down my thrifting lately - too much stuff to sell. But managed to pick up some loafers for myself, and a few other things which I will post later when I have time.   AE Pembrooke       (and that's the end-grain cutting board I just made for my wife; almost done, just gotta put the varnish on)
  Those are both straight up badass. Lemme know if you're looking to offload one or both 
  Just to clarify: My statement was clearly not in reference to all people who wear sack suits. I was speaking specifically about sales-dudes who know little or nothing about suiting fit. With regard to your personal style: If sack suits (and specifically the Madison cut) look good on you then more power to you. I don't in any way think that young people need to wear trim-fit suits.
  Everything was soooooo soooooooooffffttttt!  
  In Aspen playing a wedding over the weekend. Crappy lighting so it's difficult to see the details: brown vintage Lord and Taylor glen plaid, Land's End Elston chinos, PRL brown paisley tie, thrifted bespoke Walter Steiger whole cut oxfords.
Was in Aspen all weekend playing a wedding and the mothership called me home:     Didn't buy anything, but touched everything. So soft. I did end up doing a bit of thrifting up there however. Went to the Thrift Store of Aspen and found some black custom grade Church's captoe balmorals. They fit my buddy so he grabbed them for $6. Awesome weekend in all, with free drinks flowing and the leaves changing.
Just looked through about 20 unread pages and every time I scroll through some of the pages in this thread it always starts funny, then it gets creepy, then I just feel like I've been impregnated w/ evil.   /signingoff
  Worthy of a requote.
  Awesome! Wish it was my size.
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