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  I like this look, but I think my personal preference would have been a dark brown or camel sweater instead of the navy. Just a little too much blue w/ the navy pants. Great colors in that jacket!
  Fantastic. Deets on that tie?
  Saw this the other day. Dragonball Z!     Will probably have to double post this in the creepy sartorial images thread.
  I've noticed nearly all of the Goodwills in my area have been pricing things similarly. Most notably to me is the shoes. There is one just down the street from me that hasn't succumbed to the price gouging. The manager is a pretty awesome dude, he let's me know when they get Ray Bans that I may like in and he prices them at only $10.
Haven't been able to thrift much lately. Trying to clear out a lot of the backlog. Grabbed this interesting Zegna, not sure if I can pull it off though.   Silk      
  Now that's what I'm talking about. Grow that beard!
  +1   Thrifting has brought me a Dual 1219 turntable, HK integrated amp and an Onkyo tuner, all in great shape. The whole lot for under $100 total.
Picked up these Hanover loafers today. Love me some shell. Black, 11.5D. Available (but prolly hitting eBay soon):     Also grabbed a couple nice brandy snifters. Can never have enough of those.
  Crappy iphone photo. Temperate weather and casual dress.
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