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Nice! Anyone got a coupon code?
  Can't really make out the mfr. Burnett?  Either way, it's likely a well made table, even if it's from a lesser known manufacturer. The top may not be real wood however. The shine is too intense. Unless it's just a bad camera angle.
  Could not agree more.
  Haha, point taken, but I still stand by my statements.   I led music at my church for two services, and had just arrived at my brother's house where I was about to change into casual clothes for a BBQ. He was beckoning to the patio with beer so I quickly snapped a photo (with the crappy iPhone front-facing camera) and then took the jacket and tie off and went and drank a bunch of brew. That's my story and I'm...well you know.
  Thanks for the input! Yeah, I agree on some counts here. The sunglasses were an accident. Had just come in from outside and stuffed them into my pocket. It's a habit to just put them into my chest pocket, which is usually my shirt, not my jacket. Definitely agree on too much square exposed. I jammed it down in there and it kept popping out, I was in a hurry haha.   Also, can someone explain what "dressed by the internet" means? I've seen people use that term on the...
Sorry for the junk iPhone photo. Didn't have a chance to snap the rest of the outfit either.   Church getup:   Blazer: Lands End Canvas Shirt: JCrew Tie: PRL PS: BB Fish hook: JCrew   (not pictured) Jeans: Private Stock raw selvedge Shoes: AE Amok
  The shoe in question is an oxford so this isn't it.
  I don't mind each piece separately, but together this looks like pajamas to me for some reason. Jeans might remedy this.
NWT Zegna reversible belt. (going to eBay for the Martin 000-28 fund)    AE Perry's in fairly good shape. Kop'd for a friend.
Thanks for the input! Yeah, I wasn't sure about the square at the time but we were running late to get up the mountain haha. I actually have just had the pants hemmed and this was their first outing. As soon as I had been wearing them for a little while I knew I would have to get them shortened even more. Luckily my tailor will do it for free.
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