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 That's the main problem I run into. So many dumb questions from idiots because they just don't read the description. It scares me on some of the higher end stuff. I kind of expect that if you're spending that kind of money on an item on eBay then you would want to read through the whole listing.
 It's close, but the waist on the jacket looks a bit tight and the pants are too long. Also, what color is the suit? Black? Charcoal? If so, shoes should be black. If it's navy then you're ok. Some folks around here might also take issue with all the "extras" (lapel flower, tie clip etc). At a certain point those things can make an ensemble look too busy.
 And priced accordingly:,dsw12cat1540001
Braved the rain and flooding in Denver and picked this up today. Any info on this thing? Type B-3 jacket, "Branded by Orchard Motorcycle"   [[SPOILER]]
Posted this over in the Classifieds a few weeks ago. Gotta get some action on these or they're going to the Bay. Open to $$ or trade offers. I am a shoe size 9.5US, jacket size 38s.I tried to make them work but both pair are just a bit too small for me. Alfred Sargent boots for Neiman MarcusSize 9.5D (US)Fits like a 9.5B (narrow)Brown Suede, Dainite soles, speed hooks, great condition, Made in EnglandTagged as "Neiman Marcus" brand.   [[SPOILER]]    Allen Edmonds...
I tried to make them work but both pair are just a bit too small for me.   ***GONE*** Alfred Sargent boots for Neiman Marcus ***GONE*** Size 9.5D (US) Fits like a 9.5B (narrow) Brown Suede, Dainite soles, speed hooks, great condition, Made in England Tagged as "Neiman Marcus" brand. Want to trade for a similar (quality) pair of boots in my size: 9.5D US     Allen Edmonds Sanford Size 9D (US) Walnut calf, brogue cap toe with medallion, great condition with only...
  If they are owned by Luxottica, you can call Luxottica directly and order new lenses for around $20 I think.       I generally follow the method explained by Jesse here:
Picked up a pretty good tie-haul a couple days ago. Haven't gotten around to snapping pics yet, will soon. Today, however, I didn't find much but did grab Marvin Gaye's "How Sweet It Is..." vinyl. Jacket was pretty beat but the vinyl itself is in great shape. Listening now. Mmm, so good.
I've never bought socks or underwear, but have definitely bought pajamas. I don't put them in the same category. And the pajamas I bought were bespoke Ascot Chang. Hehe
Some boots today. All for me!   Neiman Marcus, made in England w/ Dainite. Any info on who made these?     [[SPOILER]]   Also Neiman Marcus, but made in Brazil. My new bum-around-town boots!   [[SPOILER]]   Filson work boots. Nearly NWOT.   [[SPOILER]]
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