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My brown cxl boots during a weekend in Sequoia
In love with my Boondockers  
Brown CXL on 2030 last with unstructured toe   Standard makeup that has been routinely restocked on Viberg.com
 I heard back from Guy at Viberg today. He said he never saw a sole come separated like that on a service boot and that they normally have a hard time getting the soles off to do a resole.   I took it to a local shop and there going to cement it back together for a few bucks.  No biggie.
 Nope, there's no groove, so the threads are exposed on the bottom.  I got them at the end of June, 2014 and would wear them 5-6 days a week. I used to wear them to work everyday in a warehouse, so I was usually exposing them to sides of wooden pallets and other things that scraped them. I got a pair of Boondockers a couple months ago that have been seeing more wear.  
Here's some pictures I took last week. About 5 months of actual wear.    
Has anyone saw any sole separation like this before?           7 month old service boot. Didn't have anything unusual happen. Noticed the issue after I got back from a walk in the  park and went to wipe the dust off of them.     My initial thought was just to cement it, but I think I'd have to get the threads out of the way to make a smooth surface for things to bond.  I don't know if it would be better for it to be re-stitched.   I emailed info@viberg and am...
9.5, 2030 last, partially structured toe.   Normal signs of light wear. Worn 10-12 times since I bought them from 3sixteen in July, 2014. I just don't wear black boots very often and wish to simplify the things I own.     Does not include grey Viberg box, but includes their brown shipping box, shoe bags, unused rawhide laces and an extra set of flat laces.     $575 shipped in the continental US by USPS Priority. Available for pickup in Los Angeles (90038 or nearby)...
Sorry about that.   Here's some more recent pictures - http://imgur.com/a/HXBmD     
My 3 month old Brown CXL Service Boots  
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