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Thanks Andrew. I feel like I'm gonna be wearing these for a very long time!
My 17 oz. SL-121x's at close to 6 months with 6 washes -   
Great condition black calfskin boot from Alden.   Commando sole and heels Full glove leather lined  Pure vegetable tanned leather insoles   Hampton last fits true to size.   Soles show minimal wear.   Purchased from ($561 retail)     Does not include original box.   Add $15 for shipping to Continental US
Size 9.5 (fits true 10-10.5) sample on the 110 last which has a roomier toebox than their 2030 last.       Perfect distressed look.       Natural Chromexcel rough out uppers, smooth out tongue, leather soles.       Does not include extra laces or Viberg box.     Add $15 for shipping to Continental US.
My brown cxl boots during a weekend in Sequoia
In love with my Boondockers  
Brown CXL on 2030 last with unstructured toe   Standard makeup that has been routinely restocked on
 I heard back from Guy at Viberg today. He said he never saw a sole come separated like that on a service boot and that they normally have a hard time getting the soles off to do a resole.   I took it to a local shop and there going to cement it back together for a few bucks.  No biggie.
 Nope, there's no groove, so the threads are exposed on the bottom.  I got them at the end of June, 2014 and would wear them 5-6 days a week. I used to wear them to work everyday in a warehouse, so I was usually exposing them to sides of wooden pallets and other things that scraped them. I got a pair of Boondockers a couple months ago that have been seeing more wear.  
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