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Not natural. It's their tan cxl (which I don't see on their website anymore), the one on the right in the picture -  
3sixteen Asanoha shirt / 3sixteen SL-120x @ 8 months  / 3sixteen x Viberg / 3sixteen tan chromexcel bracelet @ 2 years  
Album of my Brown cxl service boots with ~ 6 weeks of wear  
  Thanks, guys! Some more - Album 
My SL-120x's @ 7 months / 4 washes.      
My IHSH-75 at ~ 4 months / 4 washes    
120x, 10 months, 4 washes - http://imgur.com/a/t61bP  
Thanks. Yes, those are my pair in the pop up shop.   Both shirts are from J. Crew
^Nice!   a couple fit pics of my 120x's from about a month ago -       
thanks.   29 normally
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