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 What is your pricing for the stock models?
 I believe the York is simply the London with a new name. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm glad to finally see this great fit in something other than plain Navy!
 I would say that the gimped edges certainly detracts from the formality but not necessarily the shape.
Does anyone know what exactly the "Hand accent" on the peacoat is?   I searched the thread but didn't find anything.
 Order it as a personal MTO then. It ticks me off when people try to influence group MTOs/preorders to their exact specifications. You have to compromise if you don't want to pay the upcharge.
Can anyone comment on the relative slimness of Sienna trousers? Napoli trousers fit me well but when I tried on a Lazio pair they were skintight. Thanks
 The code still works, or it did when I checked a few days ago.
 Watch out, the Carminas at macsamillion are all women's models!
Has anyone ever seen/heard of an Adelaide style boot? What I mean is, a balmoral boot with an adelaide throat/broguing which continues all the way up the shaft.   If we could have Carmina make up a new style, I'd be very interested in seeing this! Anyone else?
 Could you post the link please? I can't find them on Ebay. Cheers
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