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 The code still works, or it did when I checked a few days ago.
 Watch out, the Carminas at macsamillion are all women's models!
Has anyone ever seen/heard of an Adelaide style boot? What I mean is, a balmoral boot with an adelaide throat/broguing which continues all the way up the shaft.   If we could have Carmina make up a new style, I'd be very interested in seeing this! Anyone else?
 Could you post the link please? I can't find them on Ebay. Cheers
 As requested: Waist: 32"Rise: 10"Thigh: 11"Knee: 9.5"Leg opening: 8"Unhemmed length: 46.5"
I am moving abroad for work in a couple of months and need to lean out my wardrobe a little. The first few casualties are listed below.   My rules: Payment through PayPal only Free shipping worldwide is included in the price     BOGLIOLI Unstructured Sport Coat - Brown Herringbone  Cotton - Size 38R   £160.00 Condition: Used - worn maybe 4 times but with no visible signs of wear. I'd say 8/10.   Features: Completely unstructured 100% Cotton Smoked MOP...
PSA: Lots of G&Gs up on Barney's Warehouse http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/shop?q=gaziano
I have a voucher code for SuitSupply worth £300. If anyone is interested in purchasing it for a discounted price, please PM me.
  Could you post a picture? I've been looking for a Carmina captoe adelaide but never found one..
  My boots also came with bags that don't really fit them - I think they must use the same ones for all shoes/boots, or we both got short changed!
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