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  After wearing it 3 times though?
  Yeah it's a bit disappointing, nothing that the tailor can't fix though.   The fabric is great - it's sky blue oxford.
The top button just popped clean off my blue oxford shirt, not impressed. Worn & washed 3 times max.    
  I am considering adding a 5th button but my London only came with one extra cuff button - did yours come with two?
From Meermin's Instagram feed :       They look awesome!
My double monks arrived this morning, really pleased with them and great service from Meermin, much quicker than I had anticipated based on comments in this thread.     Placed order 18 April Paid 24 April Shipped 26 April Delivered 1 May
  It should come with 32 trousers, where did you get 35 from?
  These are womens models. But whatever floats your boat..
Does anyone have a picture of Prince of Wales #7 in action?       [[SPOILER]]
Nothing wrong with that, just make sure that everything fits properly.
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