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  FYI according to their website it's by appointment only
I recently received these Howard Yount Four Season Super 100s Mid Grey trousers in size IT46 but they are unfortunately too small for me.   I am passing these on at the same price I paid for them, excluding import tax (≈£20). I am based in the UK so any buyer inside the EU will not have to worry about being hit by importing from the US.   I can post pictures if there is any interest. Please see the below product description from the HY site for full...
I recently received a pair of mid grey Four Season Super 100s in size EU46 / US30 which unfortunately do not fit me. Happy to sell these on at cost BNWT, PM me for more details. I'm located in the UK.
How are your hips bigger than your chest?
Just ordered a pair of classic line dark brown double monks. Has anyone else recently ordered a pair and could potentially advise on potential the wait time? Cheers
  You have lordosis, which can be corrected through stretching & exercise. I think this would be a better long term fix & allow you to achieve a better fit OTR in the future. Just my 2c though!
  I placed my order on 3 April and still haven't received anything, seems longer than usual. I've tried emailing Jamison but no response.
  From what I've read the Uetam fits similar to the Simpson which is narrower than the Rain. I have no personal experience with the Uetam though.
  Gotcha, it just seems a bit odd that their diagram only shows the measurement of the sleeve itself from the shoulder. Thanks for your help!
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