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That really is wide!!
I would also be interested. I'd prefer cherry pin grain on the strap though. Like this one from BE : Do we know if modifying the pattern on a group MTO will incur extra charges?
 I checked earlier - trees are not included in the prices but Arne was kind enough to extend the 30% discount to the trees also.
Why did you buy it if you're not sure what to wear with it?
 This guy.
I placed my MTO order at the end of February with a 2-3 month delivery estimate. Still haven't received an update on progress. It's a little bit frustrating.
 It's called a shower.
Drew a blank on receiving feedback from Luxire directly, so I'd appreciate any comments you gents have on my shirt fit. I have circled what I believe to be the problem areas.   What I think needs to be changed: Adjust for my sloping shoulders? Increase yoke? increase armhole size? Remove the pleats Robert last
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