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  These are womens models. But whatever floats your boat..
Does anyone have a picture of Prince of Wales #7 in action?       [[SPOILER]]
Nothing wrong with that, just make sure that everything fits properly.
How about something like this?  
  Thanks for your feedback! I think what I will do is see if I can exchange for a 38L which is not only 1" longer in the sleeves and 1.2" longer in length but also has a smaller chest and waist measurement. I am not particularly confident in my tailor's abilities so I think this would be the best option.
  You mean the side seams, right? Would about 0.5" do it?
  I'm looking to return a pair of trousers to him and this doesn't sound good.
Thanks for the replies. My order experience thus far is as follows: Placed order 18 April Paid 24 April, received invoice 5 mins ago Awaiting shipping confirmation   Could this be a new speed record for Meermin?
Hi all,   Could I get a fit check on the below pictures? This is a London fit suit from SuitSupply, size 38R. Feels like a good fit to me and the front looks good, the cuffs are a touch short but I can live with that (the left sleeve is riding up a bit in the picture). My main issue is the creasing at the back, is there any way this could be fixed? Look forward to hearing your feedback!      
Up for sale is my Maison Martin Margiela sweater, originally bought from Mr Porter last year, size Medium (M), Made in Italy.   The sweater is a deep burgundy colour with dark brown lambskin elbow patches. It features the signature white stitching on the back.   I have worn this a maximum of three times and it is in excellent condition, could easily pass as new. No marks, flaws etc. anywhere. Original tags are not included.   Measurements Shoulders: 16"...
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