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I'd be in for a full calf version. Could we do brown Museum calf?
 Strange, mine don't look like that.
I'd be in for Wigmore on TG73. How about vintage burgundy, burgundy highland grain shaft and dainite soles?Or perhaps a Rioja hatch grain shaft?
 I received a shirt in this exact fabric last week. First impressions are good, will update once I've worn it this week.
 Are they G&G lasted trees? They don't seem to fill out the heel very well...
 Yes they do. The price is €150 (last time I checked with Betty around 3 months ago)
 I've broken in a few new pairs of G&Gs recently - in my experience they do get roomier as the footbed settles. So I wouldn't worry too much about them being tight brand new. It all depends on your preference how snug you'd like the fit to be anyway.
Apparently the first pair made for my recent MTO were rejected by quality control. So if anyone is on the lookout for St. James II, vintage rioja, TG73 10E, you may want to pay a visit to the sale!
All,   I am hoping to visit NSM in Napoli in the coming months, can anyone suggest the best way to get in touch with them to arrange an appointment? I have emailed the address on the website twice and did not receive any reply. Does Mina have a personal address where I might have more luck?   Thank you
I've been waiting six weeks now for a pair of Minnis fresco trousers. I won't get chance to wear them at this rate!
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