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What would my EG 888 last size be if I wear 10E in all G&G lasts?
 Did you try Bon Genie Grieder in Switzerland? They stock all the usual SF favourites: Kiton, Isaia, Finamore, Boglioli etc.
 When will it be up on the site?
 Possible, yes. But Renomat will do the same job much more efficiently.
 Do they have a store in Naples?
 Beautiful. What's the second material on the vintage cherry pair?
 If we place the order now, when will they be delivered?
Adding my pair to the mix. These were bought from Skoaktiebolaget almost two years ago. Still going strong!  
I'd be in for a full calf version. Could we do brown Museum calf?
 Strange, mine don't look like that.
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