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 Any idea of the model number of this one? @Skoaktiebolaget 
There are some interesting new stock models on G&Gs official store, take a look:   http://www.gazianogirling.com/collections/shoes
Could you post the measurements please?
 I had the exact same issue. When I contacted SS they asked me to return it and sent me a replacement.
 Oh, you're having a bespoke pair made? Please, tell us more! 
What would my EG 888 last size be if I wear 10E in all G&G lasts?
 Did you try Bon Genie Grieder in Switzerland? They stock all the usual SF favourites: Kiton, Isaia, Finamore, Boglioli etc.
 When will it be up on the site?
 Possible, yes. But Renomat will do the same job much more efficiently.
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