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 Why not?
Anyone interested in GMTO-ing this? Westminster, vintage rioja, MH71  
Apparently G&G are discontinuing mahogany shoe trees. Why would that be? I am not a fan of the natural finished option.
Interest check: G&G Westminster, Vintage Rioja, MH71
 I have a swatch of the 'Melange' one but apparently it is out of stock and will not be restocked. 
The RL Thorpe has arrived on eBay in a number of sizes. I'd be in if it wasn't D width.
 Any idea of the model number of this one? @Skoaktiebolaget 
There are some interesting new stock models on G&Gs official store, take a look:
Could you post the measurements please?
 I had the exact same issue. When I contacted SS they asked me to return it and sent me a replacement.
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