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 Go shop at Gustin or Epaulet then.
I can't think of any date scenario where it wouldn't look like you are trying way too hard.
Condition: Brand new, never worn, with box, dust bags, paperwork and G&G trees.   Model: Thorpe split toe boot Material: Arran Grain, mid brown colour Last: MH71 Size: UK10E Sole: Dainite with storm welt   1,100 EUR including trees (newer unlasted, natural finish)   Free shipping within Europe, elsewhere at buyer's cost.   I am located in Geneva, Switzerland.
More likely to brag about the multiple pairs of G&G.
Two weeks ago was 1st April..
 Anyone interested in an F width GMTO?
 Please count me in as well.
Why would you buy something if you don't know what to wear it with?
  Some quick iPhone shots. Too hot to wear them today!
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