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Thank you!    Many people think I made wrong choice to keep the counterfeit item, but, if i keep getting refund and refunds, i will keep buying it without being careful.   I love the suit, and this suit same attention and compliment as my Purple label RL suit.   Thank you for the kindness, I just love 3 button suits! and dark skin, dark hair fits black suits very well!   Hope your 2013 resolutions goes very well!    Regards
Yes, I could do that, but again, i do own quality suits. I got free money then i went reckless.   Again, I COULD have returned suit, but I didnt, because I like the suit, I like the fit of suit and it's made out of really decent material.    My friend is tailor and i just want to adjust little bit of sleeve length, so i went to him.   he touch the suit and he said very nice suit. (he touched fabric) Then he told me, he saw the logo and stuff and he said Armani produce...
That's your opinion, My body fits 3 button suits well
Thank you very much for the information and help!   I really appreciate.   however I thought and thought about it, i made decision i will keep the suit. (but i wanted to leave negative feed back tho)   Keeping suit and watching it will make me more careful and gave me a decent lesson.    Also if you know any ebayer with great price and authentic products, please let me know!   Thank you!
haha i know eh?   It wasn't my first buy, it just I was reckless this time, since I have bought many authentic items.    But it was first time buying suit off ebay. 
thank you for reply. I left feedback soon as i got my item and that's what I always have done. then I found out that suit is replica.    Also if item is fake, they let you keep them? I heard you have to return it and get refund.   Plus about the suit, I'll keep them since this way, i will learn my lesson.    It's funny, I don't regret that much when suit fitted me perfectly. in the other hand, 150$ for replica suit, it's my loss but this way i learn and will...       Im about 90% sure this is fake..   uhm, it was my first time purchase buying armani suit , and I will never buy off suit on bay again...   First time ever buying replica off bay... Price took me away... man..   or those who can idenitfy this item i would be happy to hear from you! 
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