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Rooster, that is a beautiful watch.  Unfortunately, I am looking for something that can be work for dress and casual purposes.  I would also note that I am fairly young (early thirties) and my work environment is not conservative.  It's a mix of people that dress in suits and those that wear polos with khakis  
instiches, thanks for the your thoughts.  Do you have any suggestions?  What about the JLC Master Compressor?
Thanks for all the comments.  I am now looking into a JLC Master Compressor pre-owned.  
Here is the link to the reverso
I'd like to wear it for both dress and casual.  My budget is probably around 4k tops.  I like the Omega but already have one, and am looking for something a bit less mainstream.  
Hi,   Looking to decide between some watches.  I am a male, banker, and have a thin wrist, so please keep that in mind.  Narrowed it down to these two:   1.    Prestigetime says the above watch is a ladies watch!?!?!   2.   Thanks for your thoughts and other suggestions are welcome in this price point.
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