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The Suitsupply youtube channel has a lot  of usefull information about their suits; Including a tutorial on how to determine your suitsupply size;
On twitter Suitsupply announced:  Exciting news! Our North American expansion continues! We wanted to let all of our awesome followers know that we’ll be opening in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Toronto in early 2013.    Quote from this interview from 2011 with Fokke de Jong: On the difference between the U.S. and European markets: There’s probably going to be a lot...
Nice Suitsupply tidbit. Helping the Italian fabric industry.
How to buy a suit tips (with Suitsupply suits):
I nterview with Fokke de Jong during the opening of the store in Washington.
That's bad indeed . The Dutch Jort is pronounced as Yort like in yellow.
'Jort' is a Dutch Frisian name meaning strong and brave as a boar (a Germanic symbol of strength, courage and fertility). The suit is named after Jort Kelder. A Dutch controversial...
I came across these pictures from the 2004 Suitsupply ad campaign with the slogan 'Suitsupply killing prices'   . I wonder if this would have worked in the US .
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