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Conistons and Islay here although my Conistons seem a lot lighter in colour than CTBrummie's pair, mine getting some serious use this winter,
You have to ask yourself how many of us here in the forum do you think have bought this shoe in the standard spec since you started the thread to get an idea of peoples demand for the shoe in the spec your suggesting. C & J pitch the designs (colours) at where they think the demand is.    I liked the Harlech in the standard colour myself but am interested to see it in whiskey before I would go ahead.   Assume the MTO on its own is quite a bit extra 50% I think someone...
Back looks ok to me, like others have said the button stance makes it look shorter at the front.
True, I have some black C&J tetbury and only close up you can see the creasing so leather quality does come into it, and I think because the leather is not that shiny helps it a little. I can't even think how bad my bottom of the line Loake's would look as a wholecut!     
Most whole cuts look great when they are un-worn. once they are creased they look a lot different.
Noticed the other day my CJ Conistons have some damage from my heel that is pulling apart the heel from the inside (see pic) I was planning on getting another winters use before a resole so rather not send them in just yet, any ideas what I can do to repair this so it doesn't get any worse? Andy
its the light, I've got rid of the orange peel texture of the leather, theres a few slight patches to work on but mostly very smooth, as for using Kiwi I don't use parade gloss which I think your referring too just the standard polish which won't be much different to saphir's version (at least for the purpose of a shoe shine) 
First mirror shine on my Loake oxfords, using kiwi polish, very happy with the result, still a few bumps to fill but a good enough result, now for the heel if I have the time and patience. (excuse the bad pic)
Thanks, I would like the milton unlined suede at some point (in the 348 last) for more casual but may have to just settle for some other cheap penny loafers for my holidays, I got a c&j belt to match the westbornes however i didn't realise the belts were made in majorca from another manufacturer?? Still its a close enough match to not make too much a difference
  From my C & J collection, well used conistons, used Tetbury and as yet unworn chestnut Westbornes              
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