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Tobias Great write up mate. Glad you had a ball. We did the same with an infant a couple of yrs back-well worth it!
 Boom Shucka Lucka! Beautiful shirts Ernesto, the red puppy tooth and the last one take the cake. Thanks for letting me know mate!
Thanks Ernesto & GF I will check those brands out, Hopefully they are on the fitted side, otherwise I will get the mum in law to run em in. Awesome pink strides lads!
Ernesto Maybe check out Von Zipper and AM's also for dedicated large frame polarised sunnies... Gentlemen any recommendations for linen shirts locally? In yellows, turquoises etc.... Thanks
For a minimalist you'd make a damn sadist no worries!
It looks fantastic mate, looking forward to seeing your new wares.Smart move on the wedding focus-weddings are recession proof.
^^^ mr pink socks, you are a humble but immaculately dressed man. Mr Henry Carter, will you be getting any glen paid ties, in light summery tones? I have a wedding to attend also. FWIW hB's new suit pants come with side adjusters, nice
As for the underwears.... Oroton & Macpherson only on sale.... As for the socks I wear them in my jocks!
The Godfather of Punk passed just away... Lou Reed   RIP   Transformer is one of my favourite albums....   Top 5 Lou Reed/Velvets songs   Vicious Perfect Day Sweet Jane Heroin Pale Blue Eyes
New Posts  All Forums: