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You can't beat robot pose
Michael Sy would be lamenting on how many 28 and older women there were!
Outstanding BM, and I ain't handing that out lightly.Perhaps there would be jeers of "he's flashing a bit of mankle" or if there's a bit of bitchiness "he's dressed by the net, woomph"
 and you Michael Sy manufacture trouble
Where's the pocket square?
Lucky that clothes line is a classic Hills Hoist, the new ones wouldn't cut it!
Damn I just can't explain things : )It was stated by the member that sizing wasn't accurate, say a 40r fit more like a 38r etc... I hope that cleared things if not muddy the waters...Heard a rumour you picked some Alden penny loafers, nice hustle man!
Hi BMSomeone recently posted regarding visiting Suit Supply. Said there were some sizing discrepancies.... I think Fox was on the scent for a suit supply acquisition too...
 One question mate, please explain your Avatar?  Any luck on your spectacles hunt? 
  Foxxy you'd be like Rusty in National Lampoons European Vacation!
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