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At the Gabba, Day 2. Herringbone polo, chuck Taylor's low cuts
A youngish lady at hippy clothing shop next to Miss Margerita is from Goiosa Ilonica. Sorry can't spell mate. I was about to blurt out "Ernesto" is from there. Then I'd have to explain Style Forum...
Spent the day at Byron Bay to take the edge off things.... Met one of Ernesto's relatives at a hippy shop, no lie... Same village on the east side ... Sad result... Sorry for bacon jibe GF, cheap shot
That's great JM. I remember my father use to wake me up for overseas cricket games and footy finals. Great father son stuff. Mind you I'd always fell asleep. However I remember vividly watching Steve Waught clocking up his double tone with Greg Ritchie running on the field.A shout out to GF, vege pizza and pinot tonight? Will you eat bacon if Wallabies win?
2am for us cats, coffee machine will be fired up. Cmon boys!
Are you returning for today's pagan festivities Mr Smith. Loner Matt will be happy
I heard Jimmy is residing there now with his wine fridge.
Al Grassby or the wallet? or the hat?
Mark and Gino Stocco - Spotted in linen khaki suits, blue shirt and navy grenadine HC of course. Mark had brown suede dub monks while Gino opted for a pair of brown leather chukkas.
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