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Hi Folks, I picked up this pair of chukkas below, l deliberated over the brown suede chukka, and decided these will work for me better, which goes against all advice given, however no point buying for the masses. Will wear them informally with chino's, denim etc. They are Sutor Mantellassi off Shop The Finest for $340 odd. In relation to shoe care, any recommendations? Condition them first? Spray? Reason l ask because they are a lighter leather....  When l get a chance l...
Prince of Parsley will smite you young one
"Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in" GFIIOnce a member always a member! Thanks all! Suede it is.... Now to topy or....
A double shot down.... Important matters to discuss.... What's more versatile a brown pebblegrain leather chukka or a brown suede chukka? Thanks folks
Thanks JM, I trawled through flea bay, lm finding it hard to discern on quality etc. I'm under the assumption that there's a few fake Burburry's out there so I like everything else l better do my research. Mrs DB finally let me buy one because it's now raining, I'm acting on it fast!Mr PoP, im after a 3/4 slimmer fit - not too inspector gadgety. HB had a nice one this season, I should of acted earlier.Parramatta sucks
 Probably the most logical option mate, well it's back to the footy for me! Thanks Oli
Gentlemen,   Forgive if you may my self imposed exile, hiatus, whatever you want to call it....   I'm in a dilemma, l need a trench coat, precisely a size 40/50 camel.... Herringbone are gone, Rhodes & Beckett - gone, MJ - gone....   Where to now?   Thanks in advance   Sliq l would er on the side of caution with Jimmy's advice..... 
Too much info brother... Perhaps try argyle socks
I reckon you can haggle down Jimmy a few bucks
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