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^^^^ I feel somewhat responsible for what happened there with DR, sorry Jim... Spazzaloni = the unnamed player
Nice fit Mr FXH.
Chaos in Paris... Very very upsetting
maybe Bond took up the challenge, hence the short tie
Ask Jimmy Hoffa he has the same problem with his mouth
^^^ the thread is alive and well As a Calo i can conclude that Sprezzalini is a fugazi. "Allergic to crabs" nigga please
At the Gabba, Day 2. Herringbone polo, chuck Taylor's low cuts
A youngish lady at hippy clothing shop next to Miss Margerita is from Goiosa Ilonica. Sorry can't spell mate. I was about to blurt out "Ernesto" is from there. Then I'd have to explain Style Forum...
Spent the day at Byron Bay to take the edge off things.... Met one of Ernesto's relatives at a hippy shop, no lie... Same village on the east side ... Sad result... Sorry for bacon jibe GF, cheap shot
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