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JimmSy Hoffa What's your tumblr page?
Love the scene where David sees the Yardbirds play with play with original lineup! The track Train Kept a Rollin Classic!
 Foxy your old man a postman by any chance?
Great Scott Mr Firmin! Sail & Anchor is one of my favourite pubs and yes that stout is a cracker! As you know it's a stones throw from the immortal Little Creatures...Have you checked out Feral Brewery in the Swan Valley, their Hop Hog IPA is in my top 5 beers...We're headin down to Sydney in the new year, I somehow manipulated the Mrs To stay a night or two in Port Stephens only so I can visit Murrays Brewery...4 Pines make a great drop I was guzzling their Koschler at...
Hi RompAmerican Tailors had a pair of Carmina black suede single monk in uk 9 not too long ago...
Touring 2014 - Let it Loose
That's when I get home all disheveled and yobbo'ed....For the SW&D cats I'm wearing lime green New Balances...
Classic day ahead... The Ashes Day One at the Gabba, The German Club for lunch, let's hope our boys stick it to em. Who knows they might be handing out MJ Bale sample bags today, as MJ are kitting out the Australian team
For Jimmy Hoffas sake please don't swan around and pick up Russians
Red on RedA Glass of Johnnie Red sitting proudly on Mao's Red Book... Mr Firmin, l now have no reservations on your avatar...
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