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Dumb it down for me - what happened to Tony? What was he wearing? RM's? Did he have a pocket square? Side fasteners or a belt?
I vote for Jimmy Carter - I mean Hoffa
Yes indeed PoP - great memory!I will also keep an eye for the Rhodes and Beckett release - was told their greatThe last couple of months have been stifling up here, especially on the tools...Journeyman and BNE'ites does anyone shop at Richards and Richards - their profile has definately diminished. I avoid XILe, I find they are sartorially pious!
Gresta is out. Gold I also suggest another "walk off" the Man from Snowy River vs that Maximus Aurilious Clothes news - I snapped up the MJB Hugh sports coat in brown... Then mrs db snapped at my impulse purchase 
Just like good OL #Straya ..... Meet em, Greet em then Beat em
What about the Picture and Truckers Life mag's? Or did PoP get dibs?
Better yet FXH, I suggest a "Walk Off" Zoolander style.... Classic minimalist menswear vs goth ninja brooding SWD!
She sounds like a cyborg! Wouldn't trust her man....
She sounds like a cyborg! Wouldn't trust her man....
Foxy I've scrambled around the Callanques(southern france)with a baby bjorn on(6 month boy) if that counts....Man check out BRMC, and listen to WhatEver Happened To My Rock n Roll- classic... One of my fav bands when I was around your age...Gents, need/want SB herringbone sports coat with patch pockets... Any reco's? Dont care if the lapels are too chubby...
New Posts  All Forums: