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Seriously that's an awesome acquisition, details please Mr Pink Socks... Kimber?
Yep that's the one.... I've heard Blue Steel are pretty good too
Haha.... Only for meter maids
Friday - drinking Little Creatures Bright Ale pint, listening to Pavement... It was a tough day on the tools... FXH and GF do you approve of 8 hole Mongrel work boots?
Sorry Jim. You should know me by now : ) I was trying to "illicit" a response, it worked.... Just had a Murrays AngryAle, lovely
Exactly it's like why do you disagree with Jimmy, is it because it's completely convoluted or just because he peeks into your apartment everynight. Lurking. WAtching. Preying.
Classic soundtrack, listened to it yesterday... Stand out tracks: lust for life, atomic, born slippy, that lil truck by Jarvis Cocker, nightclubbing, perfect day. What a lineup!
That's why my brogues are dusty
^^^ Gino will you be up skirting?
^^^^ I feel somewhat responsible for what happened there with DR, sorry Jim... Spazzaloni = the unnamed player
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