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Wish my hair looked that good, mine was flat and lifeless from the humidityHave to try the good ol Pimms cup too!
^^^^^ Classic posts - ballerina's, daschhounds, E.Marinella for a buck! At Noosa, damn it's humid - knocked back some creatures, must move on to G & T's. I'm dressed like a D grade boy band member : (
Foxy and TBM too Pretty - bastards Enjoy your end of year festivities gentlemen! Love your kicks Meister - epitomize a classic shoe, well worth the restoration - share the renovate Journeyman - I will be there in Yamba in the NYE, enjoy your time Xoxo
 Very nice foxy, be perfect for your winter uniform! By the way your suit looks great from what l could tell, despite the poor photography  
It would be criminal not to complement, will definately get a rise out of Oli
^^^ Lovely camel toe POP
Reservoir Dogs vs Psy.... Far far scarier though
Welcome to another TV alert ! Sunday this weekend - SBS 9.30pm - Living In The Material World - Directed by Scorcese - part 1, the George Harrison movie from last year. If you didn't get to the cinema to see it.. The quiet Beatle + The Auteur = essential viewing
May your depth of field be shallow and composition tight!
^^^ I find the buckle too big and clunky...
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