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Transfiguration of Coxie
Any Folsom duffels mate?
Was he the first SprezaHero, undies over tights...
+ 1 at Paris and Madrid. Parisian lads were friendly and helpful, Madrid store were wankers, rude and unhelpful.Finbury in Paris were cheap, maybe Meermin quality.
Thanks guys on bag advice! I have a Trenery clearance store nearby I'll check out along with CR. Filson still remains very tempting, thanks for sizing advice 👍🏽
Looking at living up a canvas weekender bag for luggage. Tossing up between Filson or Fossil(bricks n Mortar plus they have big reductions) any recommendations on size? Looking at Filson would you go the medium or large? Cheers db
My local kebab shop owner is Romanian. Always throws in extra jalapeños and salmonella
The tongue jibe got a good lashing 😎After this week dealing with clients, I think I've quite literally lost the plot.Laying off the sauce till holidays, fat chance of that working now....
Great work pop. That last tie is a real banger, fantastic colour and texture.I have a green knit zig zag I have to post...
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