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     Thanks Gentlemen for your helpful feedback. I will certainly follow up on CR and Trenery... I need to brush up on my history Mr Firmin!  Oli can you please PM me the deets
PoP being on the www really makes your blog an E- vent On a deadly serious note can anyone recommend a decent slim fitting khaki field jacket in a 40 or medium. Thought it will be handy on holidays; camera, baby wipes etc
 More bang for your buck my man...
My favourite  Rasta band.... Bad Brains... OK it's Rasta Punk... If we're talking Ska The Specials are a class act "Ghost Town" anyone?  
Get those Foxxy! When are you taking me and Jimmy for a spin?#Dusty HoffHound Krew
I never said he dressed bad Pete
Behaving less like Jimmy Hoffa/Michael Sy
Lord Oliver
PPeters of Kensington Basement
  You're type Jim?
New Posts  All Forums: