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 Thanks Sliq, that's awesome!   PM sent Gents! I will be staying Eastern Suburbs - Coogee
Hi Gents I will be taking the family down to Sydney next week and if anyone can recommend any decent cafes/patisserie's/organic eateries? I'm after something Gourmet Traveller/coffee geek... Also any not too expensive places for dinner- love asian/European anything decent really.... Perhaps something craft beer related? Thanks guys
Mmy brother...Just don't jump outta that window when you finished that goon!
Wish my hair looked that good, mine was flat and lifeless from the humidityHave to try the good ol Pimms cup too!
^^^^^ Classic posts - ballerina's, daschhounds, E.Marinella for a buck! At Noosa, damn it's humid - knocked back some creatures, must move on to G & T's. I'm dressed like a D grade boy band member : (
Foxy and TBM too Pretty - bastards Enjoy your end of year festivities gentlemen! Love your kicks Meister - epitomize a classic shoe, well worth the restoration - share the renovate Journeyman - I will be there in Yamba in the NYE, enjoy your time Xoxo
 Very nice foxy, be perfect for your winter uniform! By the way your suit looks great from what l could tell, despite the poor photography  
It would be criminal not to complement, will definately get a rise out of Oli
^^^ Lovely camel toe POP
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