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Calling on FXH and his appraisal of Defenders!
Fire away! I remember your earlier posts mentioned you grew up on the land, could be mistaken though...
fHx What's your opinion on 4wd's? Btw Sicario very good flick. Benicio is looking slick as
PM sent bro
You're right mate, pretty expensive for 4cyl.My Navara did its clutch at 55kms so I'm pretty peeved, so I'm looking at replacement, last series Hilux SR 4w4 diesel is probably the one.However the Defender is an absolute beast, the 130 is tempting....Walked through Fossil yesterday, quite pricey given the quality issues identified by members.2016 wish listLight brown/grey linen suitOlive green linen shirtCanvas duffelDefender 130Timex weekenderMost realistic is nato band to...
Im a left hander Geoff... I don't wear my wedding ring anymore, uncomfortable. Wear bracelets occasionally, don't wear French cuffs...Anyone here ever own or currently own a Landrover Defender?
Transfiguration of Coxie
Any Folsom duffels mate?
Was he the first SprezaHero, undies over tights...
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