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 Probably the most logical option mate, well it's back to the footy for me! Thanks Oli
Gentlemen,   Forgive if you may my self imposed exile, hiatus, whatever you want to call it....   I'm in a dilemma, l need a trench coat, precisely a size 40/50 camel.... Herringbone are gone, Rhodes & Beckett - gone, MJ - gone....   Where to now?   Thanks in advance   Sliq l would er on the side of caution with Jimmy's advice..... 
Too much info brother... Perhaps try argyle socks
I reckon you can haggle down Jimmy a few bucks
Sun burnt country - we all need rain. My lawn looks like something out of Cormac Macarthys The Road. I can handle hot & dry, however high humidity is next level and oppressive. Linen non negotiable.
85% humidity last night, felt like Col. Walter E. Kurtz in Apocalypse Now.
 My wife just bought a pair for the leading man in the house, my son who's three....
[[SPOILER]]  Jimmy you smiling assassin! Great fit pic... With Gentleman's clothes no need for bad manners now! ----- need to work on using spoilers
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