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Carmina String loafersSebago/Sperry boat shoes (not loafers obviously)Andy Toms - kids are raving about them
Is that why Garry's shoes are sooo shiny?
 Macaroon Ninja 
Spotted Megan Gale at Prema Hair Salon Surrey Hills-mrs db next to her. I'm stuck with two sick kids in Car while she's cavorting. Hard Knock Life.... Spewing I missed Sydney meet up : (
SOS any decent spots to eat drink near Hordern Pavilion, Sydney... Thanks Gentlemen
Hey mate I was in the same boat recently, I ended up settling with a pair of Sperry brown leather thongs(not g banger's maan), got them on Goldie. They might make sandals too?!
Or a spiky Simpson : )
^^^^ I can't remember where I nabbed the pic from, had it on my inspiration folder... It's probably a pic of Fox or Fxh FWIW someone's flogging a similar MJ Bale on GumFlea Sydney for 70 bucks...
Good questions Blah...It's my wife's family(her cousin), we'll be guests with no role other than to consume sparkles. The invitation stipulates formal, however we know Australia has often a very different approach to formal. The reception is at a quality function centre inner Sydney...My other option, a safe one is a SB navy window pane suit WITH SOFT PINK SHIRT, blue silk knit and White PS.
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