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What about the Picture and Truckers Life mag's? Or did PoP get dibs?
Better yet FXH, I suggest a "Walk Off" Zoolander style.... Classic minimalist menswear vs goth ninja brooding SWD!
She sounds like a cyborg! Wouldn't trust her man....
She sounds like a cyborg! Wouldn't trust her man....
Foxy I've scrambled around the Callanques(southern france)with a baby bjorn on(6 month boy) if that counts....Man check out BRMC, and listen to WhatEver Happened To My Rock n Roll- classic... One of my fav bands when I was around your age...Gents, need/want SB herringbone sports coat with patch pockets... Any reco's? Dont care if the lapels are too chubby...
I'm so sorry brother, I can only imagine the pain you and your family are going through....Be strong TBMBest,Dusty
Go the Fox
Hot Damn the "bubble" is real. I will post pic's soon of my AG number
Haven't heard of them before - will chase up mate, thanksMy famous navy blue single breasted AG suit, has bubbling over the jacket, gotta love fused. This was purchased pre SF, still not a lot of life in the suit....
 Will check it out GF, thanks! We went as far as Lennox till the heavies chased us out! No it belted down rain after the first day, so we had to retreat back home. Plenty of day trips to noosa etc which has been nice albeit the formidable humidity.  In terms of threads l kopped a pair of Mongrel work boots, oh know l let the cat out of the bag... "A Tradie on SF" The Horror!!!!!
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