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 "I say high, you say lowYou say why and I say I don't know, oh noYou say goodbye and I say hello"
But wait, there's no more!That sucks Foxxy, I'm sorry, I got screwed over by a client last year for the same amount, still antagonises me....
They throw in a few virgins Foxxy
Ever get the feeling you've been cheated
Met a publican and his wife surname Hanna at their Gastro Pub in Toowoomba "Spotted Cow". The owner told me he's related to a tailor in Sydney/Canberra must be John Hanna....On the Dusty front we are all going to Europe in a month with the two kids this time. Spending time Paris driving down to Spain then Nth Italy to see fam. Apart from Boggi, Carmina, SS. Are their any notables for shopping? Shoes, sportscoats etc... PS any must see's around Como apart from Georges mrs?
 Sorry to hear GF I'm not a violent man, however l would be more than happy to round up a few SF members in my Navara truck and we can go and smash dem bastards!!! On a positive note great cricket result, and a worthy sign off for Clarkey. FWIW Haddin is not a wanker Johnny.... 
If you have a car drive to Harvest at Newybar - look it upBangalow is a interesting spot in the hinterland alsoEnjoy
 Just joshing Mr Wong - welcome to the thread. The Melbourne punters are all over it! 
 Zink And Sons in Sydney is worth the flight up Mr Mong
Tragic news FXH, very sorry..,, Being raised in the bush myself, it's a real culture with utes, fast cars.... So much tragedy results from the misuse of speed, not driving for the conditions Take care Michael
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