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Ask Earthdragon or Oli or Jimmy or Pop or GF or DR or Selvaggio or Meister or NMOff the top of my head Henry Bucks
     Thanks Gentlemen for your helpful feedback. I will certainly follow up on CR and Trenery... I need to brush up on my history Mr Firmin!  Oli can you please PM me the deets
PoP being on the www really makes your blog an E- vent On a deadly serious note can anyone recommend a decent slim fitting khaki field jacket in a 40 or medium. Thought it will be handy on holidays; camera, baby wipes etc
 More bang for your buck my man...
My favourite  Rasta band.... Bad Brains... OK it's Rasta Punk... If we're talking Ska The Specials are a class act "Ghost Town" anyone?  
Get those Foxxy! When are you taking me and Jimmy for a spin?#Dusty HoffHound Krew
I never said he dressed bad Pete
Behaving less like Jimmy Hoffa/Michael Sy
Lord Oliver
PPeters of Kensington Basement
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