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Thanks FXH, it's been about 5 hrs since I applied RM conditioner and it's lightened up some what.You are right, it's better a bit darker and prolong the life of the shoe, along with camouflaging unsightly stains you get when you go out (jimmy hoffas dives)bTW Justin Timberlake played in Brisbane, I reckon TBM has better moves! Congrats mate
SOS conditioned my new Sutor Mantelassi light brown chukka's. It's darkened them severely! Will it fade? Can I bring the original color back? Not happy : (
Complements Live Willy
 AJD, Drop the price in slow increments, every 2 weeks Be patient Once it reaches market price, your enquiry rate will increase Be patient Photo'sGet car detailed interior and exterior including under the lid Great photo's essential, maybe Gerry Nelson can be of service I have sold two vehicles this way, achieving over market price - all the best mate!
 I believe John Alexander was called something similar....
 Thanks JM! I have the RM's conditioner, l will give them a soak tonight.... Yes you are right they are casual, l think they will come into their own over the next few months in the sub tropic's... Appreciate the heads up for alterations too!
Hi Folks, I picked up this pair of chukkas below, l deliberated over the brown suede chukka, and decided these will work for me better, which goes against all advice given, however no point buying for the masses. Will wear them informally with chino's, denim etc. They are Sutor Mantellassi off Shop The Finest for $340 odd. In relation to shoe care, any recommendations? Condition them first? Spray? Reason l ask because they are a lighter leather....  When l get a chance l...
Prince of Parsley will smite you young one
"Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in" GFIIOnce a member always a member! Thanks all! Suede it is.... Now to topy or....
A double shot down.... Important matters to discuss.... What's more versatile a brown pebblegrain leather chukka or a brown suede chukka? Thanks folks
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