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I'm sorry to hear matePS I didn't mean to like your post like a wierdo, my spastic iPhone is playing up
My reputation has proceeded me once more brother Ernesto
😅 There was the Floppy Hat, now the Tea Towel. It would be a great line up shot on the wall
Unveiling of FXH
Top drop Mr FXH, Coopers Pale is now my staple, I got impulsive this arv and picked up a 6 of Freo's Finest.
I'm guessing you don't have too many friends hey pal....I'm cooking a hand caught cod, sinking a little creatures and bopping to golden years..,Lighten up Skeen of Mean
Exactly.... I'll be playin Queen Bitch, Life on Mars, Heroes tonight... Music Icon, Fashion Icon...
Massive news.... David Bowie.... rip
None I googled a few...Why the hate on Bobbys hat... Can't wear a Panama everywhere....
Jimmy and DN will provide entertainment
New Posts  All Forums: