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Red on RedA Glass of Johnnie Red sitting proudly on Mao's Red Book... Mr Firmin, l now have no reservations on your avatar...
#mensweargroupie 
Welcome back journeyman, the thread has been missing your insightful input.... Any latest acquisitions? I actually picked up a couple of shirts from Richards & Richards recently.... A chambray and a blue with button cuffs, forgot the brands but paid 60 each! Was extremely tempted with the SM suede single monks but only if they were chocolate not tan....
Brownman - mrs db loves her Coach purse Gerry - thanks for keeping us posted, enjoy!
Oli Mrs Db snapped me a couple of Gap White v necks from Trade Secret for 15 each. Good cut and feel, I find bonds lose their shape pretty quickly
How much dynamite you want for those bridges jimmy?
 I was dreaming of the pastand my heart was beating fastI began to lose controlI began to lose controlI didn't mean to hurt foxy or any australian style forum memberI'm sorry that I made myself cryOh my I didn't want to hurt youI'm just a jealous guy My sad song JimmyPM me please  
 Ok what if you bought CJs or any quality shoe on special..... Say $400, even cheaper......There goes my theory Ok im wrong
Sorry Jimmy(can't believe I'm calling you that now) I don't agree with you.Having owned Aquila's etc, I seen them disintergrate quickly, crease heavily all with a short life Span. I use to clean & polish etc, which kept them presentable(subjective) however this did not prevent them falling apart.My CJs on the other hand are worlds away-admittedly I spend more time cleaning, conditioning and polishing that's because I'm proud of them and want them to look their best. They...
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