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 That is completely out of line Nolva! Foxy works in night club promotions, nothing untoward there!
Oli In order to challenge your fervent minimalist convention(which has significant merit), I feel you need a new political inspiration. We need to turn back the pages a few years and here we find none other than the honourable Al Grasby.
 Beautiful Shoes. A well thought out, textured outfit! You are a trailblazer Mr Nelson.  
Will that be complemented with homemade pizza and a Tasmanian pinot noir : )
It included one of the fastest ODI hundreds of all time! At that run rate and swag of wickets in hand they would of posted 500!Must have been an awesome batting deck
 Excellent news Foxy! The secret hear is subtlety... First of all observe her movements, what other classes does she take, who are her friends, what does she eat for lunch, is she lactose intolerant, perhaps use binoculars to find out what she's listening to on her iphone, from there you might be able to read her messages - that's important!  Next step, create an alias with a different photo (michael sy's would be good) on Friendbook Facebook, to follow her online habits,...
I actually own the C&Js Highburys on the 348. Can I take back what I said.
Well that's that I suppose. I'm sure it's a very nice car. : )
Hi Gents,Mr Michael Sy raised a question last asking members preferences for a wholecuts colours: black, oak or burgundy.My reply was the following.....Developing this further, does this have merit? I don't think loafers look as good black than say brown or Burgundy, the same goes for dub monks. Black would be the last colour pick for dub monks, mind you texture does have an obvious role and black suede does look awesome.
 I would go oak mate for a whole cut. I prefer burgundy for shell loafers....  On the other hand it depends on the actual shoe and the last, if the last is quite sleek and aggressive black would also be a winner. It's like cars, certain colours work better for different models. I think think bright red does not work for SUV's, but looks awesome on sports cars especially classics E Types, Mustangs etc. 
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