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Good questions Blah...It's my wife's family(her cousin), we'll be guests with no role other than to consume sparkles. The invitation stipulates formal, however we know Australia has often a very different approach to formal. The reception is at a quality function centre inner Sydney...My other option, a safe one is a SB navy window pane suit WITH SOFT PINK SHIRT, blue silk knit and White PS.
Those summer nights...   I'm attending a wedding shortly, is the following outfit too informal? I would be pairing with navy trouser and a brown chiseled loafer.... Thanks in advance Gents....  
 Cheers CEP, Very comprehensive, i'm interested in Ginger & Spice, looks brilliant! Will enjoy.... PS Any latest PJ acquistions? 
 Well GF looks like l will be spending my dough on more dough.... THanks mate Looking to also check out Henry Bucks & PJ's time permitting, maybe stalk  Mr Sliq to find his thrift locations.... On the subject of cleaning, l thrifted a Henry Bucks black silk knit for a Buck (one to be precise) the tags on the back are discolored from age, anyway to remedy that?  Iggy's Down Under - l will have to walk in with headphones listening to Passenger...
Thanks Mr Firmin, Mr PoP, Sliq and even the often maligned Mr Jimmy the Gent Hoffa for there suggestions fir my Sydney trip! One more q though, is there anything similar in quality to the Bourke St Bakery in the eastern burbs? Can't wait to see H Bucks and PJ's too... Cmon Aussies at the SCG!
 Thanks Mr Sy for the recommendation....
 Thanks Sliq, that's awesome!   PM sent Gents! I will be staying Eastern Suburbs - Coogee
Hi Gents I will be taking the family down to Sydney next week and if anyone can recommend any decent cafes/patisserie's/organic eateries? I'm after something Gourmet Traveller/coffee geek... Also any not too expensive places for dinner- love asian/European anything decent really.... Perhaps something craft beer related? Thanks guys
Mmy brother...Just don't jump outta that window when you finished that goon!
New Posts  All Forums: