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 Thanks GF Witchery are definitely jumping on the hipster band wagon. They along with CR have the potential to make great cheap staples when on sale, however they always fall short in either the aesthetic/quality or both.
With a $20 voucher(sign up as member online) to receive in conjunction with sale l picked up a pair of Witchery Navy Suede Chukkas for only $35.00. I have weather proofed them, and sure they are not in the same league as others but end of the day, they'll serve the purpose and look pretty good. I'm satisfied : )
^^^ You are a funny man Mr Foxhound (do not take that in a Joe Pesci way ala Goodfellas) Humour and style will pull you girls, l reckon you are having us all on... On that note let me introduce to you a fine lass from my village in the old country.... All your's.... She has eyes like Cleopatra  [[SPOILER]]
 Man, that sounds like the adored member "Unnamed Player"...
     Excellent suggestions! Firstly a dance lesson then bust out a little 2 step at the upcoming ska orchestra whilst drenched in Sex Panther - that sounds like a winner! If l'm not mistaken that looks like a picture of Mr Kanye West under the lamp. 
 Very true Petepan!  Firstly however we need to address Foxhounds pedigree.... Wikipedia states "The American Foxhound is a breed of dog that is cousin to the English Foxhound. They are scent hounds, bred to hunt foxes by scent" In our context Foxes means Vixen!
   Gents we are certainly gaining traction! So far.... Foxy can go with Halifax to Thailand for come what may - there's a chance he'll end up with more than a girlfriend! The old fashioned approach recommended by FXH - does fancy include sockless? Loud music (what venues?) Also fragrance selection could be critical, Californian Dreamer do you care to chime in? Perhaps to complement the traditional approach with a traditional fragrance, something musky...
 In my neck of the woods, there's only a 50% chance they even make it inside of her shoe cupboard. 
 Given your thoughts on those two areas l recommend Tassel, burgundy at that. 
 Ok Foxy enough is enough! I propose that as a group this thread should create a Scope of Works for your good self to snare a girlfriend! She will be the Foxhoundness... She is out there, somewhere! By the power vested by this thread you will damn find her! Suggestions igents?
New Posts  All Forums: