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Hi Guys, we are currently in Singapore for a overnight stopover. Any food recommendations? Areas? Taking kids to aquarium and gardens tomorrow. Is Kent Wang in the mix?
Talk sh*t. Post fit
     How big is their suitcase.......... For you Jim  A unique French companion for you........
   You sure it wasn't yours Mr Fur-Man
 You serious Jim? We'll be there next Tuesday! Straight to Paris then driving south....  I'll be wearing a fused AG suit with Aquilas on, if they keep a look out
Each to their own..
 Thanks PoP - I shoulda bought Brownman's leather jacket he had for sale last year : ( I have a grey peacoat but l'm sick of it, need an excuse for a new one  Trouble is HC most of our trip is in Spain and Italy.... Maybe a wool lined m65?
If you had to take one coat for a holiday for warmth, wind resistance along with taking in mind size for luggage. Any recommendations?
 We've used Antler Regent for the last 4 years, no complaints... They drive Ferrari's l'd prefer a 65 fastback, Porsche 912.... I've got a Navara which just had it's 40k service which cost over $900!!!!!
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