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From my very poorly executed but well meaning question, you've summed up that query nicely. Thanks FXH.I must be a bloody drop 8 
Thanks for that correction of that rookie er JM, what the?!
Looks plum Coxy!Sam Rockwell is a gun - His performance in Moon was subliminal....Q & A gents... Are jacket sizes indicative of height? For example a 40" jacket is made for a 40" shoulder width but what about the other dimensions is it based on the average height and scale of a 6 foot man?
Thanks Mr Firmin!I have Accumulated quite of few rep ties over the yrs from Herringbone, Gant and vintage YSL, interested to see what I am representing...From what you told me, I will probably get a hand shake off a opus dei member because of my affiliate tie...As for Jimmy Hoffa he's more slippery than Jimmy Laughlin
Good afternoon gents In regards to ties - Are rep ties symbolic of anything with their colours and stripes? I've lost weight, need pants taken in 2-3 inched, will they be salvageable? What's your tumblr jim, leaving me hangin? MJ 7 wickets - oh yeah
 Looking forward to updates mate!  Damn l need more linen, this humidity is getting oppressive.... I might have to hit up Uniqlo online if that's available... In other news l bought a watch repair kit off the bay to change bands etc, all l need now is a nice brown or ox blood leather band... Due to the weather and workload I've lost a couple of inches off my waist, meaning alterations etc, are they able to take in a pant 2-3 around the waist, seating area?
 Mr Hoffa Pup and Hads have certainly dug their heels in... Catches win matches, England dropped Pup and others, now look at the damage > brilliant! We need to post 600 & declare - and let our bowlers stick it to em! My deepest respect to Mandela... Mr Fox, any news of your Oscar Wilde commission? It was a blue peak lapel, off memory? I wan't a french navy db or peak lapel in a linen blend for an upcoming Sydney summer wedding, still don't want to go MTM yet, considering...
JimmSy Hoffa What's your tumblr page?
Love the scene where David sees the Yardbirds play with play with original lineup! The track Train Kept a Rollin Classic!
 Foxy your old man a postman by any chance?
New Posts  All Forums: