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Now now TBM, we are becoming increasingly gourmet ( gore-met) these days. Mashed is now Smashed!
Great kicks mate. Cheers
What shoes Fantastic Mr No Sox Fox?
Hmmmm depends where it's made Scots, Ireland, Tasmania : )
Indeed. To add to that list:Holiday advisorWhiskey appreciationHow to pick up chicks
 So tell us Boff, what would be the one word to sum up your experience with Muji?  
Haha Classic.... Maybe Travis Bickle wore pink socks....
 Oli If you can, check out Barton Periera and Cutler & Gross too. BP are from the makers of Oliver People's(l stand corrected) and have some incredible frames. A couple of months ago l looked at all the above and settled with a pair of CG's in the Melbourne frame. CG's are a higher price point, however the design and construction are amazing. 
Average Joe must take great care when shooting up his Mastercard
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