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Each to their own..
 Thanks PoP - I shoulda bought Brownman's leather jacket he had for sale last year : ( I have a grey peacoat but l'm sick of it, need an excuse for a new one  Trouble is HC most of our trip is in Spain and Italy.... Maybe a wool lined m65?
If you had to take one coat for a holiday for warmth, wind resistance along with taking in mind size for luggage. Any recommendations?
 We've used Antler Regent for the last 4 years, no complaints... They drive Ferrari's l'd prefer a 65 fastback, Porsche 912.... I've got a Navara which just had it's 40k service which cost over $900!!!!!
 Isn't that a little excessive for your Euro Contiki trip Jim?
 As long as they match the drapes Coxie...
Zink and SonsCompliments
 Thanks Nolvadex, l think they sell pretty good hats there too in the SWD vain.  Do they stock selvedge? 
 Wow how did you find that!  However l was talking Jawnz Mr Nelson, please advise : (
....Just a quickie....   Brisbanites or gold Coasters (not possible) l'm chasing up a new pair of dark denim, slim, medium rise jeans and please not stretchy... What are my bricks and motor options in BNE?    My most recent pair of Nudie "Organic Denim" jeans have developed weird lumps, like the denim has stretched out...   Thanks in advance : )
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