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85% humidity last night, felt like Col. Walter E. Kurtz in Apocalypse Now.
 My wife just bought a pair for the leading man in the house, my son who's three....
[[SPOILER]]  Jimmy you smiling assassin! Great fit pic... With Gentleman's clothes no need for bad manners now! ----- need to work on using spoilers
Happy Friday iGents Have a little q that I can't find the answer to, THIS is the only place that can shed some light. In relation to Herringbone suits what is the difference in slimness to the cuts of Finlay, Osaka, made in Germany? Mr Brownman, Mr Journeyman, Mr Pop, Mr GF? Many thanks in advance....
Top 3 Dog Songs1. I wanna be your dog - stooges2. Dogs are the best people - the Fauves3. Hound Dog - elvisRIP PSH - just watched him recently in Talented Mr Ripley...
Carmina String loafersSebago/Sperry boat shoes (not loafers obviously)Andy Toms - kids are raving about them
Is that why Garry's shoes are sooo shiny?
 Macaroon Ninja 
Spotted Megan Gale at Prema Hair Salon Surrey Hills-mrs db next to her. I'm stuck with two sick kids in Car while she's cavorting. Hard Knock Life.... Spewing I missed Sydney meet up : (
SOS any decent spots to eat drink near Hordern Pavilion, Sydney... Thanks Gentlemen
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