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STP - Stone a Temple Pilots - great early 90's band fronted by the dandy rocker Scott Weiland. Key tracks: Interstate Love Song, Creep, Plush...Currently in on Sardenia, heaven on earth. Wild terrain, amazing stone formation and the water is damn turquoise. Food top notch, looking forward to trying the porchetta(suckling pig cooked underground). According to locals - in the good old days people would steal the pigs, and to hide them they would hide them underground, why...
Ashgrove, my old stomping ground. We lived there for 3 years. Have you checked out Junk Bar across the road?
Lunch at workers Tratoria in La Spezia Black nudie thin Finns Levi's denim shirt Brown Sutor mantellassi chukkas Watching Serie B playoff tomorrow La spezia vs ...... Bring on the flares....
It's been about 2 weeks on the trail and hell it sure has been a dusty one. High/lowlights • Surviving flight to Paris • ruffles at Singapore • breaking down on the motorway in Bordeaux to be towed away then sit in depot for 5 hrs then drive into Madrid at 3am • Massino Dutti for leather bomber jacket, scarf and tasseled loafers • Malaga for the sheer raw power - go iggy • Spain - CBD gents love the tassel loafer with suit all ages • Nearly getting arrested in St Remy •...
Raffles Singapore breaky WIWN HB navy polo Witchery lime chino's Sebago brown moc's Brown plaid belt Speedy watch 2 unruly sons Thanks for advice over the years punters! PS nice avatar GF PPS foxy you'll soon turn into wolfhound- remember back and legs man
Hi Guys, we are currently in Singapore for a overnight stopover. Any food recommendations? Areas? Taking kids to aquarium and gardens tomorrow. Is Kent Wang in the mix?
Talk sh*t. Post fit
     How big is their suitcase.......... For you Jim  A unique French companion for you........
   You sure it wasn't yours Mr Fur-Man
 You serious Jim? We'll be there next Tuesday! Straight to Paris then driving south....  I'll be wearing a fused AG suit with Aquilas on, if they keep a look out
New Posts  All Forums: