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Get those Foxxy! When are you taking me and Jimmy for a spin?#Dusty HoffHound Krew
I never said he dressed bad Pete
Behaving less like Jimmy Hoffa/Michael Sy
Lord Oliver
PPeters of Kensington Basement
  You're type Jim?
 Damn Cad
 Let me take you to Tumbarumba Jimmy, lm sure GF PoP and FXH would have stories....
 I usually have reservations about making reservations by nature l'm quite reserved... 
  I remember Herringbone stuffed up on one of their sales - Hallams were reduced heavily You back in OZ man?  l'm heading to Europe in May, might chase up one of those Filson numbers for carry on/ everyday. Probably get the Mrs db to take photo's of me sipping espresso, sockless, Filson armed, Horned rimmed, triple pocket squared, lime chinos, madman hair..... Realistically l will be wearing 3/5 of those items plus two kids spilling and wiping food over me with mrs db...
New Posts  All Forums: