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Justin Oshea is throwback for a Windsor Smith campaign of the last 15 years. Despise his direction, attitude and logo. Metallica? Maybe back in In Justice for All days. Now. No Trash
12. Topy Aquila shoes 12. Buy two AG suits half priced
My AG Suit has more bubbles and dimples in it than Wes Studi's face
It's a kick in the head, what can you do?How's your place coming along?
Nothing a good stout won't fix mate...A large construction firm went into liquidation owing millions... I'm way way down that list but raising a family it ain't a grand thing when you lose $$$World conditions are a lot worse so just have to suck it up and roll on...
Top of the morning Gents Hope everyone is well. Before I put my watch on eBay etc l thought I'd give Aussie members a shout first I'm selling my Omega Speedmaster Auto Date watch with original band - PM me for details We are also selling a stunning Tanzanite ring, perfect engagement ring In a nutshell we've moved back to Brisbane and then a builder ripped me off a lotta dough In further shocking news my wife bought me a shiny Geoffrey Beene tie, made me wear it...
I prefer foxing on my collars, not foxy with my shoes
Are you better versed in old or New Testament father FXH?
Aussie Members not GRINDR RIP Mandela omega
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