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Anaconda bro - his defining moment ....I liked him in Boyz n the Hood, Higher Learning and Trepass "don't talk, don't whisper, don't even breathe"
Wrong. You're talking about a dandy foxy coxy foxy. The school girls are talking to him
Alas the only waltz number 3 was the pummeling of the blues at the hands of the maroons, as for ES, Waltz No 2 it is.....Have fun at BNE members meet fellas, I will be 85km away 😒Completely off topic Little Creatures have released a new Stout for winter! Bam
Your probably thinking of the handsome Phil Spector... Elliot Smith was an artist... Waltz number 3 anyoneOrigin sucks... Thank heavens for the ashes
Listen to pavement then man....
Let's hope for the sake of the suede he didn't down a beetroot juice prior or asparagus for that matter 😉
Didn't realise Sydney SF'ers had a meat up today...
You sure your not Elite's PR machine on the sidelines Jim
 Up to 67% awesome pic, have fun in Rome man
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