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Wrong. You're talking about a dandy foxy coxy foxy. The school girls are talking to him
Alas the only waltz number 3 was the pummeling of the blues at the hands of the maroons, as for ES, Waltz No 2 it is.....Have fun at BNE members meet fellas, I will be 85km away 😒Completely off topic Little Creatures have released a new Stout for winter! Bam
Your probably thinking of the handsome Phil Spector... Elliot Smith was an artist... Waltz number 3 anyoneOrigin sucks... Thank heavens for the ashes
Listen to pavement then man....
Let's hope for the sake of the suede he didn't down a beetroot juice prior or asparagus for that matter 😉
Didn't realise Sydney SF'ers had a meat up today...
You sure your not Elite's PR machine on the sidelines Jim
 Up to 67% awesome pic, have fun in Rome man
Mr BlahRon Bennett might have some made in Italy brown db's.
It's the wild spawn of gianni and un named player
New Posts  All Forums: