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Just received my cappuccino shell Mcallister 2nds and am a bit disappointed. Shoe looks great, but one pair has pretty glaring fold and discoloration as evident in the pics below. Is this something that can be fixed? Would return these but cappuccino is hard to find at the moment. Would appreciate your thoughts, thanks.
Just ordered dark chocolate Daltons AND scored the last truffle shell cordovan McAllisters in 8.5D. No more purchases for the next few months.
If anyone here has put a hold on the last truffle shell cordovan McCallister in 8.5D...please let me know if you decide to not purchase. Been looking around for these the last year.
What is Allison's email or phone number?
Just looking through, is the $299 shell deal still going on? Is it restricted to closeout models?
Any thoughts and reviews on the Jefferson in brown shell cordovan? Looks to be a webgem deal that will run out end of Sept. Shoe looks gorgeous, any way these would show up at the shoebank priced accordingly?
A lot of trial and error unfortunately. I would suggest visiting a store or at least trying an option that lets you return/exchange for size.
I just came across pics of the Bourbon McCallisters and they are stunning. Does anyone know where I may still be able to find these in 8.5 or 9D? No luck when I called the shoe bank. Sigh.
For those who have Walnut Strands, what is your polishing routine? I just received a pair and have used the Walnut polish, but I'm not getting a fully even tone throughout the shoe. Not sure whether this is natural due to the burnished walnut finish or something that will even out over time.   Also, I'm noticing some wrinkles in the leather along the heel stitch. Is this normal? I don't see this on my dark brown fifth avenues, but it may be due to the color hiding it.
Where is everyone calling to get these $99 McCallisters and Park Avenues? I called a number of outlets/shoe banks and all I kept getting were prices >$200. Would take 8.5D McCallisters for $99 in a heartbeat.
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