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I took my chance with an S, hope to receive it this week, will try not to forget to post a feedbackWith the measurements on the website, there is like 1,3cm difference between S and M in the shoulders, pretty hard to know which one to pick...
Just got an answer from them for the same question (but Europe):Yes, our international orders are shipped via USPS. Please proceed through the order prompts/stages completely to have the USPS option appear.Too bad I already arranged something with a friend of mine living in the UK.
Hi there, I am interested in the field jacket. I wear Ervell shirts in S (pretty fitted), should I take an S too for the jacket?
Is it what a raw dior jean looks like when you wear it for a long time? It looks f****ing great.
French cuffs
Thank you EL72, I am now just about to cry
I usually wear the "targeted" suit without belt (I think it looks great without it), I just wanted to try some braces but the buttons ones look way too formal in my point of view (at least for young people).
Hello everybody, I just bought some clip-on braces (I know most of you will consider that as an heresy but I think it's less formal than buttons ones on a 25 years old guy). There is an old topic where GQ Lawyer says "The proper way to wear braces (and I only post this because I see it done wrong so many times) is that the brass or metal adjuster buckle should sit between your lower chest (wear your chest and sternum meet) and your nipple. No higher, no...
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