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I've ordered several times from Yoox with delivery to Canada and have never paid duty. Luck or is that common? Also: great thread.
Anyone know a webstore that carries lots of Silent basics? Bonus points if they are shipping-to-Canada friendly.
Cheap toques are a necessity. I lose several a winter to bars, the bus, smelly salty shoe-water on the floor, whatever.   I picked up a couple things during sales this week, nothing too exciting but they were lots of percentages off:   These CPs which are hilariously terrible on snow but nice and warm and comfy.         And this SNS sweater I have a question about: is it a bad idea to cut the steel wire that runs up the sleeves and down the sides...
After two days of wear mine are 10x less slippy. I was sure I was gonna wipe out that first day though.  
I've tried on the last two seasons of that Boris jacket. It's pretty thin. Definitely could work as a three season jacket except in the depths of winter -- the sleeves are very tight and I don't know how much sweater you could shove under there. I really want one.   Reborn gets at least one size in every fall, and I've been told the same will be true this year. It's ~$2500 CAD in store.
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