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I know a guy who overdresses for every occasion.  It strikes me as odd.  Part of style is dressing appropriate for every occasion.  We had a meeting offsite earlier this week that was business casual.  Some people took this to mean jeans and a polo shirt.  I dressed nicer as I refuse to wear jeans in that environment.  The guy I am referencing shows up in a full suit with a bow tie.  I don't see how he doesn't feel the least bit uncomfortable so overdressed.  
I have a pair of Cole Haan Cap toes.  Both shoes have creases above the cap toe line.  I hope that makes sense.  Mine aren't a matter of not fitting.  I think I am just too rough on shoes.  
This is the exact thing I do.  Working in an environment that can sometimes be rough on dress shirts.  I keep a rotation of about 10 shirts.  I never spend more than $25 per shirt up front and rarely that much.  The key is hitting up the clearance section on men's wear websites.  I wear Neiman Marcus, Land's End (these hold up well), Jos A Banks, even some Brooks Bros. (these are hard to find at this price point)
I live and shop in Greenwood, SC.  Went back yesterday looking for a belt.  Didn't find one but did pick up a Brown with red/blue striped  Brooks Brothers tie for $14.99.  
First post for a long time lurker.  TJ Maxx is very hit or miss though lately I have seen and purchased a few nice items.  Very good selection of undergarments.  Bought some nice Ralph Lauren over the calf socks and a pair of Calvin Klein grey trousers that fit me perfectly.  They also had a selection of Brooks Brothers ties, though none I was interested in.  I find myself going there more often.
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