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Are there any sites for buying clothes similar to MR PORTER? I reside in Australia.
  Hi gents, in regards to my post sorry I meant I am 18! And I do have a casual job where I do have to wear formal attire at a multinational firm.
Hi Guys,   I'm just entering my teens and starting to develop my 'proper wear' for professional purposes and it is something I like to follow. At the moment I've got 2 blue ties (one Sam Hober), pair of Florsheim black shoes, 1 navy and 1 charcoal suit, a few shirts that are white and navy. General advice I'm looking for is what are other good items to buy as I start up, I have a fairly small figure so when I was looking for suits/shirts there was difficulty. I might...
I ordered from Black Lapel, it was $450 which I am pretty happy with!
Hello gentlemen, Looking to buy my first pocket square, thinking to go white to be safe, what are the recommendations on brand and material. I live in Melbourne if that helps any suggestions on where to buy from. Thanks!
Hi gentlemen, I've recently received my first suit ever (it's a MTM), quite happy with it but I am no expert. Was wondering if there are any alterations necessary as I have $75 credit. To help put things in perspective I'm not yet 18 so going for a slim look. Appreciate any suggestions! A bit off topic but should I consider purchasing a pocket square (probably white), this is for a school ball/formal. Thanks!            
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