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In Brisbane every Wednesday there is one place that opens for bagels. I have never experienced the culinary finesse of good donuts, unless you count krispy kreme.
I thought rms40 was benesyed for a second
ATH-M50 sounds good but I get sweaty due to the lack of ventilation, which I guess is why no sound passes through. I do live in Brisbane and it is 25+ degrees usually though
Nearly full run of white GATS: http://www.spenceclothing.com/store/men/Martin-margiela-sued-leathers-sneaker-shoes-art31479.html
 It hasn't been raining here but I tried the cotton fabric under the tap and it beads the water away pretty well.
^It's legit
What season?
I was thinking of replacing zippers on 5-zips with shiny ones, although it might be hard to find suitable ones. That jacket will fit a true XL, and you'll need huge shoulders to fit or relatively small ones for the dropped shoulder effect.
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