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On the topic of hats, anyone know anything similar to this DH one?
Anyone else confuse 3rdConchord and Classified?
Actually Sydney ones I've had were better. The Laduree ones aren't as good as the Zumbo ones which happen to also be cheaper.I live in Brisbane
I've never seen that, but Yoox doesn't really deal with fakes unless someone returned a fake. Normally the Dior Japan only stuff has a 'Only for Japan' tag on one of the care tags.
The only other option where I live (Australia) is McDonalds.Also, stinky tofu, the fried chicken slab, anything with a line.
I really liked the macaroons in the Joel Robuchon bakery at Bella Vita. The Yohji store had a 90% off when I was there.
So you have 220 pieces of clothing from Yoox? That's insane, if you wore 5 pieces a day you wouldn't be able to wear every single item once in an entire month.
I saw my first baller jacket in the wild today, at a suburban mall no less. Guy in Dick Ovens Bauhaus fit walking with his touristy parents, probably not from Brisbane.
If you mean the difference between eYe and normal Junya, eYe is all collaborations.
SLP normally looks terrible on the non-runway, but you pull it off in this pic. Is there a non-greyscale version?
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