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All the baller outwear I can't wear because it's not cold...
But I live in Brisbane and winter is here so I can wear it for a that one cold week we have per year.
^super tempting, ends in 2 days
I've seen a dude in all Rick in Garden City, other than that, no sightings in QLD.
Grana holds up pretty well, old cut goes all loose, the new one with reinforced seams shrink one size so size up.
SLP thread is that way, but I doubt your jeans are tight enough
A few pairs of Guidi footwear on Uncle Nephew, $400-600, expect to see them at Grailed in a week for twice the price.
I bought an $100 (AUD) jacket from Tarocash, on sale and that kicked my journey. Still sits in my closet, might donate it since it's not getting worn. Really wanted a BCDR from TOJ but got a grey Baseball jacket because it was much cheaper and rotating out, bought for $450, sold for $430. Was too precious feeling and the buttons felt like they were falling off. In hindsight it was a really cool jacket and I regret selling it. Then I found a brick red horsehide 5-zip on...
The first one is pretty cool. Did you get them on extra % off during a sale?
To clarify, I was making a point on how Mmorias look a lot like Aldens. As you say not very exciting but definitely well made and no shame in having them.
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