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No cowboy boots/dusty jeans?
This and a cool hat.
^How so? It looks good
Probably in reference to truffle hunting/sniffing pigs
I think his better ideas go to DH, the SS10 sneakers are the better versions of the KVA multilaces.
DBZ lowers and cool jacket up top
Looks good, post lamb one for reference?
Painted my jeans with black Gesso diluted with water, turned out well. Super stiff but at least the paint doesn't fall off
Is this legit? It's a good price http://www.ebay.com/itm/Visvim-Virgil-Boots-Folk-Leather-Black-9-5-fbt-shaman-lhamo-reno-serra-sashiko-/291529623485?hash=item43e08507bd
Nice try SVB
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