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Was Margiela ever a hustler? Probably only when he sold his company to Diesel.   I think SZ-ish designers like Guidi/A1923 appear to be purely creative, but looking at their prices definitely indicates some hustling. 2k shoes is not reasonable in any sense. Maybe Carpe Diem started out with the intent to just produce clothing, but eventually they also started charging ridiculous amounts of money for stuff.   I'll still buy it though.
That boot is the non-one piece, non Guidi version with YKK zippers instead of Riris. The price is a bit cheaper because of that.
Got the Enfin Leve MA-1 jacket today, anything specific I should review?
 THAT was tryhard
If you think it's worth it, then it be what it be
^ http://www.matchesfashion.com/mens/style-steals/jeans?showproducts=true   Probably the cheapest they go. Also on Yoox
KKA one piece boots came in, crazy quality. I'd say a fair bit better than Guidi. Little details like a suede strip where the back heel forms a seam to make the boots feel more comfortable. Stylistically a mix between workboots with the bulbous toe with more CM construction/material (non-distressed) all in zip boot form.
They used to be, now they are not. New old stock is hard to come by as well
^I've had good experiences with FromJapan, although it's pretty expensive to use them to ship. Probably one of the cheaper forwarding companies ones though.
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