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At a cross-roads clothing wise, looking for some outerwear/leather/footwear to catch my eye so I can head in that direction.
Someone bought the AMI shearling jacket for 300ish bucks, PM if it doesn't work out.
Someone needs to do this: http://man.totokaelo.com/dries-van-noten/block/mud-floral/PND60D
Guidi 995 for $700ish, free shipping: http://www.inn7fashion.com/p/1421/995_donkey_full_grain-guidi   Sign up to newsletter for 10% off. They don't reduce VAT though. Also, this guy: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/156214-ccp-augusta-carpe-diem-balmain/
Can anyone decipher this RO code? RU14S1768/LGI
Team DK!
With Japanese stores having the retail price the same as the discount price, would I have to email them to find the actual discount price? Something like: http://www.why-lip.com/fs/online/balenciaga-men-sale/327294tgd43-no
There's a black Folk boot in size 10, around $600: http://www.rsrhk.com/index.do   Can't link directly to the page though.
This is the first time I've caught a Miran post before it gets deleted because I'm awake for TI4
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