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^Boots-pants interface is top notch
Maybe you should return it, you might mess up the silhouette.
Lol, I'll take your word for it. https://andrewmcdonald.com.au/mens-shoes/mens-sale
^Found that guy's website, anyone versed in Cyrillic? http://leonid-yakushev.com/
I've probably had my t-shirts 1-2 weeks longer than notwithit and yes, the necklines do roll around a bit. Cotton is still really nice though. Always air-dried and machine washed.
^are you sure it was the boxers?
^You can carry heat-packs in those weird low pocket if your nipples gets cold.
If Vass made a last that was more 'edgy' the m_moria's would have no chance.
Real Margiela's are replicas. This is a replica.
New Posts  All Forums: