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SLP thread is that way, but I doubt your jeans are tight enough
A few pairs of Guidi footwear on Uncle Nephew, $400-600, expect to see them at Grailed in a week for twice the price.
I bought an $100 (AUD) jacket from Tarocash, on sale and that kicked my journey. Still sits in my closet, might donate it since it's not getting worn. Really wanted a BCDR from TOJ but got a grey Baseball jacket because it was much cheaper and rotating out, bought for $450, sold for $430. Was too precious feeling and the buttons felt like they were falling off. In hindsight it was a really cool jacket and I regret selling it. Then I found a brick red horsehide 5-zip on...
The first one is pretty cool. Did you get them on extra % off during a sale?
To clarify, I was making a point on how Mmorias look a lot like Aldens. As you say not very exciting but definitely well made and no shame in having them.
It was worth a try
What do you guys think about these Mmoria lookalikes?
How much would those cordovan Petrosolaum cost?
Why not have both next to each other?
I wasn't very impressed with my FW13 SLP jeans, maybe the first season sucked or something, DH 19s still my go to
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