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 Wasn't there an interview at Pitti about him making larger clothes since he himself was a larger man? I have dreams of rocking a large floppy hat, perfect drape to just cover my eyes but not enough to blind my vision.
I think its stuff like the belt and the details that set it apart from the MTM option we have, which looks just like an ordinary but well cut jacket.
I've been tempted by the Hydra Elmendorf replica of the Visvim jacket many times, despite knowing that I don't have the wardrobe for it.
 If you're buying off Taobao (chinese ebay/y!), www.buyitmao.com
No shrinkage, washed twice
That's a pretty non-touristy place to go. You should be careful of the Chunyun, probably chose the worst time to go to China.
@nicelynice what city are you at the moment and why is it not crowded
http://www.schwittenberg.com/Nach-Marke/Maison-Martin-Margiela/Weisser-Replica-Sneaker-Men.html   GATs, size 41.5
 These were ~$300 on sale at Patronofthenew
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