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The new profile of the MMM shoes should be interesting, bulbous but ends in a point so it looks sleek.
Well its just personal opinion but stacking jeans don't look very good with a sleek low top shoe like the DH GATs.The last one with the dark jeans are good above the knee but the lower part is that awkward size between stacking and having a bigger cuff, so it tries to stack but folds limply.
Pretty baller for a non SWD resident, not them jeans though
Fun fact, Buttero makes Margiela and Dior Homme boots. They don't feel as refined though, but it might just be marketing.
Seen on MFA
Looks somewhat plasticky to me, could just be the lighting.
Nah I doubt size 54 would be women's then, nice deal. I got mine for $450 off Yoox I think.
What size was it? I used to have that jacket too; saw a female version of the jacket in the same red walk past me at a night market in Taiwan
It's worth what somebody is willing to pay.
Is that Gold or Sunshine coast?
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