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GB its so hot, do you not sweat?
Anyone got any suggestions for a cleanish zip boot with a higher instep and wider feet?
I wish this convincing applied to grads.
 I'm no expert but it makes you look like you have no neck. Unzipped looks really good though.
 Yep, they don't stock Guidi anymore.
When I just joined SF they were going on sale at this local store in Brisbane, $350 for donkey backzips and $400 for sidezips. I really regret not buying them all to this day.
Because some are noticably more expensive than others, Guidi running at around 700 bucks while the tier 1s are much higher.
Welp, guess I'm wrong.
So from all my lurking:   Tier 1 CCP/Augusta/Carpe Diem   Tier 2 Japanese brands, Layer 0, MA+,   Tier 3 Guidi, Plokhov   And there are very little differences between the tiers, as in a large increase in price for a diminishingly smaller increase in quality.
New Posts  All Forums: