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The color on the yang li is nuts
Yep, still in the Staff International facility in Italy. Now it also says 'For USA only'
Cuff zippers don't open as muchTag on top nowInside pockets (deceptively deep)Double stitch on hemAll in all the simplicity of the OG design was lost slightly and the jacket took a slight step closer to the Dior/SLP aesthetic. [[SPOILER]]
The main thing is that the previous versions had very non-pliable YKK zippers which would pooch up even when the jacket drapes, giving it an awkward side view shape (based on red horsehide and distressed calfskin). This one has much 'softer' zippers.
New MMM jacket came in. Differences from the old fit: Way more tapered Less leather between arm zippers meaning smaller cuff opening when unzipped Extra inside pockets, inside bottom leather bit has changed slighting (maybe beneficial since it folds and sits better due to it being not as stiff on the sides Bottom is double stitched instead of folded over (this is shit) Zippers are RIRI M8 (looks better and actually not as clanky since the larger pulls hit the leather...
I don't think it's ugly, just that if it wasn't A1923, you wouldn't even take a second look at it.
http://www.maisonmargiela-finejewellery.com/en/man/bracelets I wish MMM had cooler fine jewelry for men.
Does Buttero still make MMM boots? I find it hard to believe that Buttero would make cemented soled side zips.
750, which is just under the tax limit of Australia after conversion. The sleeve measurement is the shoulder+sleeve measurement from collar.
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