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Do not size up they will stretch in the wash. They're using a new mill now apparently to combat this, got a batch recently but haven't washed them, fabric feels the same but construction around neck is better
dp92, mafoofan
Are the Geller x CP chelseas out yet?
Hey, I've bought heattech from that exact store. It's got a few levels but there's staff everywhere.
Blazer looks like it pooches out on the bottom, maybe due to your hips and shoulders ratio?
I like the 2nd pic, with the 3rd pics shoes.
Okay, since I have a size 52 as well, the measurements top of collar to base is 68 cm. Arm length around 63 cm taken from shoulder seam.
Arigold it will be calf if you got the black FW one with the shiny zippers, the new season navy one for SS is lambskin. I feel the current Galliano 5zip has shorter arms, slightly shorter body. Definitely tighter around the top instead of the dropped shoulder of the previous cut.
If your talking about Galliano era 5zip, might be slightly short in length and arm length, I'm 180cm and it hits me midbelt.
Arent those desert boots
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