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I was thinking of replacing zippers on 5-zips with shiny ones, although it might be hard to find suitable ones. That jacket will fit a true XL, and you'll need huge shoulders to fit or relatively small ones for the dropped shoulder effect.
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L&F too
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You can get white GATs and stuff for $300, don't understand the appeal of CP besides the minimalism, especially the non-sneaker/coloured models.
SLP 17.5cm stretchy denim, $163 on Yoox right now. Size 36 left though (39 inch waist) @in sitches
I heard Kent Wang polos were pretty good, you should really post in the ask a question, get an answer thread though.
You're probably a shill but here we go: Why would anyone pay nearly $100 for a made in Peru shirt when there are so many better cheaper options? Design is plain and nothing special about it. $500 for a cashmere scarf? Again, not artisanal if the designer doesn't even make it or contribute in some way, just shitty marketing words flying about. Do not buy
http://www.yoox.com/au/41438994RU/item?dept=women#sts=sr_women80&cod10=41438994RU&sizeId=   Wish this with the MRS zippers was mens.
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