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  It's not exactly comfortable, but it's not painful. I just feel like my little toe is getting jammed a little bit in the 8s. I also have tried the 8 wide. My problem is that I have flat feet and it widens out around the balls of the feet when I stand and then I have a narrow heel so it creates an awkward fit/look. The 8 wide fit the balls of feet well but are really wide around the heel area. I feel like the shoe will widen a little bit to accommodate for the balls of...
bump. any advice is appreciated. thanks
So I bought two sizes of Sperry A/O and I plan to return the pair that doesn't fit. One is an 8 and the other is an 8.5. I know the sperry leather stretches and all but i'm still unsure.    The 8 feels good and fits like a glove. My little toe is also pushing through the shoe on my right foot(i believe it's a little bit bigger than left foot) because it's too narrow but only for that toe. There is barely any room from longest toe to front of shoe.   The 8.5 feels...
Im mainly concerned about wearing them with shorts. Do they look good with shorts? And do the white soles get dirty quickly? Do you own the sahara?
I enjoy both. I like the Sahara more when just comparing them two but it seems like when you pair them with clothes the classic brown looks better.
I know some of you guys grew out of sperry's and boat shoes or don't like them but please bear with me here. I am deciding on the sahara color and classic brown authentic originals. It seems like the sahara look better when you are just comparing the shoe but it seems like a lot more people enjoy the classic brown. Here is the link, you have to select the different color. Thanks guys.
Thanks for the advice and I'll check that brand out. I might just get this shirt tailored or something because The store is 2 hours away.
Yeah, I plan on ditching the cargos but they were the only thing laying around that i could easily put on. Also, I can't go down any size, I'm already at a small. I think ralph laurens just aren't a good fit for shorter people.
Not sure if srs
Bump. Please give me some advice. Thanks.
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