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It's known that Meermin's QC is not the best but their customer service is very good. Get in touch with them, they will take care of you. 
For those interested, I have my Westbourne for sale.   Can anyone comment on the fit between the 348 and the 337?
My RLs should arrive by tomorrow. I will let you guys know.
I bought this pair as a final sale item from Gilt and have only worn it once in door. The shoes are in like new condition and will come with original shoes box (the shoes didn't come with bags unfortunately). These shoes are Blake-Rapid stitched.   Reason for selling: I just bought a couple of new AEs and need to sell this to finance them :)   Local NY/NJ buyers are welcome. Local pickups are available and I will knock $20 off the price.   Please do not...
I'm sad to let these C&J go but I've come to the conclusion that maybe the 348 last is not for me.    I've only worn the shoes 3 times. I also put Vibram sole guards (done by Nick at B.Nelson VIP Shoes Store) to lengthen the life of the soles.   As you can see from the pics, the shoes are in excellent condition and will come with original shoes box as well as the shoes bags.   NY/NJ Local buyers are welcome. Local pickups are definitely possible and I will...
+1 on Adam. He's the best. He's my go-to guy every time there's a sale.
Ha, then buy both man, you will not get this price anytime soon. 
If I were you, I would buy the Sanderson now and wait for a sale on the McAllister. Next week you can save 15% on factory seconds.   at 130/pair, it's the cost of a resole. An incredible bargain on the RL shoes.
Hmm, that makes sense.Although, when comparing AE cream to Saphir cream, the Saphir one does appear to be more condensed. Maybe I'll try with the Saphir. The only time I use wax is when I want a mirror shine so I'm trying to keep the number of wax I have to buy down.
Guys, in all the mirror shine guides I have seen, wax is used. Is there a reason why cream is not used? 
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