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I'm mostly concerned with water and salt. They will start creeping into the soles once the separation becomes larger. I should also note that there were several other small separations like that throughout the soles. 
How about some boots?
Ok, I have some bad news. The soles of the Amsterdams that I ordered via UrbanDaddy a few months ago have started showing cracks. Has anyone experienced the same problem? I already sent my back to AE for repair. I hope mine is an isolated incident and not a problem with the design of the new sole.    
AE has their annual Rediscover America Sale around Sep. Besides clearance, this is the best time to buy AE firsts (Nordstrom sale is good but the selection will not be as good as AE Rediscover Amercia). AE has seconds sales several times per year, some are advertised, some are not. The best place to stay informed about AE sales: this thread.
Here are some quick snaps of my Tan Sandersons and Brown Slatons. I can't believe I got them for $130/pair. They are fantastic. Both are double-soled. I love the Sanderson, very handsome shoes. The Slatons are like the blucher version of the Fifth Ave but the cap toe is much better proportionalized. Overall, I'm very happy with the purchases.      
I'm not from DC but I've read good things about Sky Valet. You should check them out. They carry Crockett Jones and Edward Green also. 
I got the tan Sandersons and the brown Slatons. Glad everyone was able to take advantage of the sale. 
It's known that Meermin's QC is not the best but their customer service is very good. Get in touch with them, they will take care of you. 
For those interested, I have my Westbourne for sale.   Can anyone comment on the fit between the 348 and the 337?
My RLs should arrive by tomorrow. I will let you guys know.
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