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How about Hallam?
If I remember correctly, I was the first in line for the new MTO lol :D really looking forward to another fantastic one, terrorsquad. You've been instrumental.
  Definitely not normal. My first Strands (seconds) had the same issue. I had them exchanged.
Just because the shoes are one the same last don't mean they will fit the same, it also depends on the type of leather used. Case in point: the McTavish fits larger than the other calf shoes on the same 5 last.   The Neumok defintely fits narrower and a bit longer than something like the Strand based on my experience. This is mainly due to the thicker leather used I think. You might want to size down and go up in width.
  Thanks guys. This is an outlet/Shoes bank sales only. I was on the email list so I got the notification. I called my SA and asked him to email me the list of belts in my size (there were almost 100 LOL). Spent some time going through them and picked these 4. 
Some AE belts I scored for $29 a pop during the last President Day sale:    
Your best bet is a cobbler shop.
Wholecut balmoral plssss.   Something like the G&G Cooper?    
They are on the same last, no?
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