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Thanks but I believe the old bourbon color is quite different to the new one. Do you find that to be the case?
Anybody heard anything from AE about the bourbon polish? I was told a couple months ago they're working on one.
Which model are you talking about? I've seen a few posts about bowing on the Park Aves. 
+1 on this. As far as I know, the Jort is full canvas. Sienna being full canvas is too good to be true, given the price.
Stopped by the store over the weekend. Very pleasant experience. Staff were very polite. I couldn't find a shirt that fits me well so I'm probably going to wait for their MTM, which they said is coming in August.   I did ask the salesman about pricing on their MTM. He had no idea but guessed it would be $150 and up. 
Thanks, just bought some shoes trees
Just a question for the C&J representative in this thread. Will the Granada be available only in C&H stores or will it be available to other retailers?   Thanks.
How about Hallam?
If I remember correctly, I was the first in line for the new MTO lol :D really looking forward to another fantastic one, terrorsquad. You've been instrumental.
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