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Is it just me or is it tent sale not as impressive as other sales I've seen recently?
  Looks fabulous. I love mine also. Now I'm thinking of doing a MTO with this color.
So I didn't wait long enough after breaking my foot last year to allow my foot to settle down before shopping for nice shoes, the result is all of shoes are now half a size too big. So I'm unloading them.   Here's the list. All are size 7D and have been well taken care of regularly (Saphir Reno+Saphir cream/AE premium polish)   1. Black Strands (6 month old). Purchased as first quality from Amazon. Small defective: the stiches in the right shoes tounge came off...
I was looking at that but it doesn't come in ESF. And the ESF fits me great.
Thanks guys. Will bring the shirt to my local store to see what's going on. I knew the CS was BS-ing since I've since that shirt on the website forever.
I ordered the classic OCBD during the corporate sale and was under the impression that the shirt is made in the US. I received the shirt and it is marked made in Malaysia. When I called CS to ask, they said it was simply a mistake on the website as they don't make this shirt in the US. Is this a bunch of BS?   Here's the shirt I...
Thx for the compliment guys. I was totally blown away by the chili color. I'm now considering a MTO of the Cliftons in chili since I love it so much. Will email the AE SWAT team soon.
My webgem Dalton in Chili arrived yesterday. I LOVE the color, IMO, it looks better than walnut.  
  I will be in for the belt for sure
I got my MTO and I'm going to be in all of Terrorsquad's MTOs going forward, seriously.    For the Plum Museum Calf MTO, may I suggest this design by Carmina instead?    
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