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Anybody saw the new navy Double Monk on their Instagram? I'm tempted. I like the Olfe last a lot.
Whattttttttttttt? Oh my god, my dream is coming true.   Start saving now........
I have a pair of corrected gain shoes. it's my bad weather pair.
 Something like this SS jacket and a medium grey pants would look loverly,en_US,pd.html?start=21&cgid=Jackets At least that's my plan :)
Thx. Did the laces come with the shoes or are they your own?
This is the navy calf? Beautiful. I have a pair coming.
Why don't you email Meermin directly? Given my own experiences, you're looking at 7UK
I got conf email right after placing the order. Check your spam folder
    I don't think the webgems are in stores. But trust me, the chili color is gorgeous. Here's my Daltons:  
Hey guys. I've been looking for a pair of sunglasses that looks good on my face for a while. Finally found a nice frame from Warby Parker (reynold) but unfortunately it doesn't come with sunglass lenses. I'm thinking of ordering the frame only and put my own lenses on. Any recommendation on where I can buy some good polarized lenses and have them put them in the frame for me?   
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