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I can second the above. My usual neck size is 14.5 and I went with 15. The shirt fits me very nicely
I would say 6. But you can always email them to be sure
Anybody has any input on Carmina sizing vs Meermin Olfe last?
 I'm relatively sure when it comes to 348 last, UK size + 1 = US size. I don't think the Tetbury is designed to be worn in the snow (rain should be fine with the danite sole). It does come in suede should you decide to go that route.
Just my luck. It was available during the summer sale at their Jeremy St store. I snatched it up immediately :)
Here's my newly acquired Tavistock:  
Didn't get a chance to post this until now.   Here's my MTO Chili Cliftons with Independence sole    
I didn't measure my size properly so my loss is your gain.   The Westbourne and Hallam are brand new. Each (except the Tetbury) has flushed metal toe taps ($40 value) installed by VIP Shoes Repair here in NYC. All have been well taken care of (Saphir Reno + Cream). All will come with original boxes and shoes bags.   1. Dark Brown Tetbury $400: worn about 6 times, still in great condition (see pics). This is my first CJ shoes so took care of it like a baby.   2. Dark...
I bought this as 2nd from AE Outlet.    Brand new. Will come with shoes box.   Local NYC pickup will get a discount on shipping of course.   Feel free to ask me any question   Tags: AE, RL, Singletons, Dark Brown
Yeah, also any update on the plum museum calf MTO?
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