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Oa, boots look great. Congrats
Here's my MTO Clifton 
It's loud :) Not sure about the description of the material, wool blend?
I understand the reason why you guys put on sole protectors but in my experiences, it makes the soles stiffer and less flex.
Which model did you order?
I would say you should switch last in this case.
I can second the above. My usual neck size is 14.5 and I went with 15. The shirt fits me very nicely
I would say 6. But you can always email them to be sure
Anybody has any input on Carmina sizing vs Meermin Olfe last?
 I'm relatively sure when it comes to 348 last, UK size + 1 = US size. I don't think the Tetbury is designed to be worn in the snow (rain should be fine with the danite sole). It does come in suede should you decide to go that route.
New Posts  All Forums: