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  Wow, I had no idea the price of buying directly from Carmina is that low. I'll have to look into this since from what I've seen online it's between EUR 400-500. Is the best way to do this emailing the infamous Betty? Can someone give me her email address? I've been looking to add a pair of suede to my rotation and looks like Carmina have some nice options.
  How come those shoes are not listed anywhere when I browse the C&J section on Barneys website? Weird
There you go:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/317329/jrds-guide-to-coherent-sportcoat-combinations/45   How much was the jacket?
Thanks. I saw they're running a 30% off sale right now. Is this the best it can get, any chance there's a 40% off or more later?
Gentlemen, when is the best time to shop for JCrew these days?
Did you try sizing down? or get an insole?
Is it just me or does the Wolverine Krause look "chubby"? I was a little taken back by how it looks in real life when I opened the box today. 
For $100 bucks new, it's definitely worth keeping. The last on the AM is sleeker IMO. Where did you get it?   As for AEs, keep an eye out for Amazon sales. You can score a new McAllister for under $200
Did you look at Magnanni? Meermin LM line is really nice also according to SF members.
New Posts  All Forums: